Loob Lube Releases total body lubricants with casual branding

Loob Lube, a lubricant company, integrates fashion and their laid-back packaging to incorporate a lubricant that doesn’t feel “taboo” to buy or own. Their advertisement jousts a mainstream approach for the premium products.  Their packaging has a boutique look that merges fun and fashion, and Loob Lube will be confidently displayed wherever love is felt. 
One of the company’s leaders quotes: “It’s not who you are, what you look like, what you stand for- acceptance no judgement - you can see when you look at packaging and mission”

Lube Loob offers two different types of products, H20 and Premium Silk.  Both are FDA-approved, preservative free and are carefully crafted for a not too thick, not too thin, smooth texture. H2O is a water based personal lubricant, which when combined with the body’s natural lubricant, the mix becomes a chemical romance. Premium Silk is a premium silicone-based lubricant formulated to enhance intimacy and all the pleasures associated with it. This multi-purpose lubricant can be used as:
·         Skin conditioner
·         Anti-frizz hair treatment
·         Anti-chafing for funner sex

About Lube Loob
Loob Lube products are made in the USA and was designed with the moto “Love Owns Our Body” in mind to help the world become more comfortable with lubrication products. Sizes include products 4 SKUs- travel size- 2.7 oz. to take on the plane, 5.0 oz to keep by the nightstand-- one is h2o water based and can’t use it on the face or hair, only sex silicon based can be used for chafing, hair, body, conditioner and skin protectant.


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