~ Beat the clock beauty ~

Beat the Clock Beauty
Eliminate the fuss of huge makeup bags and blow outs by using our guide to the perfect time saving beauty hacks! With butter LONDON, ClarityRx, Jose Eber, Farmaesthetics and Art Naturals – you’ll never be late for drinks again!
Makeup in a minute!

butter LONDON: ShadowClutch
No time to get fixed up for a night out on the town? Change your look from day to night in minutes with butterLONDON’s customizable ShadowClutches; Natural Charm and Pretty Proper!
Change out different colors to the perfect selection of day to night with the customizable pallet
Price: $39 for each online via www.butterlondon.com
                  Natural Charm                                          Pretty Proper

ClarityRx: Wrinkle Remedy
The only thing distracting from your perfect smoky should be your LBD – not your frown lines and crow’s feet!
First your makeup and allow to thoroughly dry, then apply a small drop of the Instant Wrinkle Remedy to the area that you have fine lines and wrinkles and pat into the skin in an upward motion.
Price: $42 for online via www.clarityclinicalskincare.com
Hair care on the fly!

Jose Eber: Straightening Brush
Ditch the dry bar and invest in the one-stop-shop Straightening Hair Brush – brush out
Pass through sections of hair making sure to go slowly over kinks and stay hairs!
Price: $120 online via www.joseeberhair.com
Farmaesthetics: Powdered Silk Dry Shampoo
No time to use the poo’, naturally wash your hair with our Silk Poweder dry shampoo. Unlike other dry shampoo, no gunk is left behind!
Shake a light dusting of powder directly onto scalp at roots and massage (like you would a shampoo) to create instant lift. Or shake into palms and use a clean makeup brush or powder puff to apply directly to scalp and hair.
Price: $30 via www.farmaesthetics.com
Body in 10 minutes or less!
Sunless Tanning Lotion
Unfortunatley not all of us have time to sit on the beach and get a golden tan – for those who need a tan in less than an hour we have the perfect solution. Apply on and in what should’ve taken a whole beach day – you have the perfect “sunless” tan!
·        Apply a small amount of lotion to mitt and apply in short, circular motions.
·        When applying to elbows and knees, apply less since those areas tend to absorb more lotion.
·        Allow 10 minutes before dressing.
Price: $26 via www.artnaturals.com


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