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Natural skin care is more complicated than you may think. It starts with natural ingredients, like vitamins, minerals, and herbs. But it doesn’t stop there. Formulas must work together for the benefit of the skin. To do that, they must contain ingredients that can actually penetrate skin and go to work underneath the surface.
Geisha’s have long relied on gold to give their skin an incandescent glow. No matter the skin tone, pure gold adds a glow and a touch of luxury to the beauty ritual. This upcoming Festive Season, why don’t you spoil a loved one with the following Gold infused beauty sets from luxury beauty brands, Euphorie, Le Royale and D'or 24k Cosmetics.
This rejuvenating luxurious mask provides long-lasting firming and lifting results. It increases the production of collagen and melanin, providing the perfect elasticity and skin tone. Its cleansing properties shrink pores and revitalize skin. The face is immediately refreshed and renewed. It is the instant youthful skin look. Comes in 12 pieces per pack.
Application – After cleansing, apply all over face and gently massage with light circular motions. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. Moisturize your skin with the leftovers. Use once a week or as the skin specialist advice. Comes in 12 pieces per pack.
Please visit www.euphoriecosmetics.com for more info.
Le Royale

The Golden Beauty Kit
($ 339.99)
24K Gold Infused Facial Serum:
Hey tired, dehydrated skin...this is your chance to start over! LE' ROYAL 24K Gold Infused Facial Serum boosts the youthful look of skin.The fast-absorbing formula with gold tr-radiance complex helps protect against visible signs of aging. Tired skin looks plumped and hydrated and feels firmer, smoother...energized. Dramatically boosts the effectiveness of any skincare routine.

24K Gold Infused Day Moisturizer:
Say good-bye to dry skin and hello to "total moisture." LE' ROYAL 24K Gold Infused Day Moisturizer provides concentrated immediate & long-term hydration for a radiantly refreshed complexion. Exclusive tri-radiance complex helps develop   skin's moisture barrier. For normal to dry skin.

24K Gold Infused Night Cream:
Say good-bye to dry skin and dream with LE' ROYAL 24K Gold Infused Night Cream. Relaxes the skin, nourishes dry areas for a refreshed everlasting youthful look while catching up on your beauty sleep. For normal to dry skin.

24K Gold Infused Facial Peeling Gel:
Peel the layers of damage away with LE' ROYAL 24K Gold Infused Facial Peeling Gel! A lightweight treatment that gently exfoliates the skin,reduce the appearance of fine-lines & wrinkles, balances skin tone, & minimizes pores.
For additional information please visit: https://leroyal24k.com/
D'or 24K

Gold Products With Sonic Device
$ 17,500.00
Capture all of the anti-aging benefits of 24-karat pure gold with the ultimate gold bundle. This set of products is expertly combined to work collaboratively to reduce surface lines and wrinkles, while stimulating cellular growth of the basal layer to regenerate healthy, firm, rejuvenated skin cells.
Your Bundle Includes:
Collagen Serum
Specially formulated to hydrate and fight free radicals, D'OR 24K Collagen Serum simultaneously stimulates your own skin to produce more natural collagen, diminishing lines and wrinkles, while re-vitalizing and illuminating your skin. Designed to penetrate deep within the dermis to rebuild damaged cells, it generates layers of smooth, supple skin that create a radiant glow.
Collagen Cream
A rich, fresh smelling, daily cream formulated to work on a cellular level to speed up collagen production and fight the ravaging damage caused by free radicals. D’OR 24K Collagen Cream contains 24 karat gold, along with other natural collagens, that not only promote collagen growth but actively prevent moisture loss, enhance elasticity, reverse skin discoloration, and improve circulation to delay the aging process.
Collagen Mask
Infused with gold and collagen to improve tissue elasticity, D/OR 24K collagen mask replenishes on a cellular level by nourishing the deep tissues of your skin with a boost of vitamins and minerals that work to hydrate and plump cells, while stimulating fresh new cell growth.
Twelve 24K Gold Facial Masks
Comprised of pure gold infused with high-density plant collagen, hyaluronic acid, arbutin, and minerals that are nearly identical to the skin's own composition, D'OR 24K's Gold Facial Masks work to build a natural protective layer against free radicals. When activated by moisture, the mask quickly transfers these powerful nutrients into the skin, making it plumper, tighter, and more radiant.
Twelve 24K Gold Neck & Decollate Lifting Treatment Masks
The 24-karat gold within this year supply of neck and decollate mask works to slow collagen depletion and elastin breakdown, while other natural collagens and vitamins plump and rejuvenate the neck and chest to reduce sagging, wrinkles, and age spots.
Neck and Decollate Cream
Firm and re-define subtle neck and jaw line contours that are lost when skin begins to sag with the daily application of D’OR 24K Neck & Decollete Cream. By boosting the skin's ability to regenerate natural collagen and thereby retain moisture, aging skin transforms on a cellular level to become more youthful, firmer and brighter.
Sonic Device
Realize the full restorative and age defying benefits of the 24K gold product line through advanced application of facial and neck creams and serums. Use the Sonic Device's heat setting to increase blood circulation, allowing the skin to more deeply drink in and deliver the powerful essential elements through the dermis, followed by the cold compress to shrink pores and tighten skin. Apply sonic vibration to either the hot or cold compress settings to further magnify results.


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