~ Check these hard to see spots for melanoma ~

Checking yourself for irregular moles or other odd spots is a great way of being proactive but it’s important to know that skin cancer can be stealthy. Even if you have a handle on what to look for, suspicious moles aren’t always in plain sight and many tuck into covert, hard-to-see spots of the body. In honor of National Skin Cancer Awareness Month this May, the skin experts at Dermalogica and the International Dermal Institute have uncovered six spots to screen regularly.

·         Eyelids. Five to ten percent of skin cancers are found here. Look for unusual spots.
·         Between the toes. Fifty percent of patients diagnosed with melanoma of the feet die within five years.
·         Ears. Often a neglected SPF spot! Check behind and on top of each ear for warning signs.
·         Scalp and neck. These areas have the highest risk of melanoma-specific mortality.
·         Lips and mouth. If you have a cold or canker sore that won’t heal, visit a dermatologist or dentist.
·         Nail beds. Check here between manicures (always remove your nail polish first).

To help ensure your skin is protected daily, use an SPF moisturizer like Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 or prep skin with SkinPerfect Primer SPF30 before applying makeup. A Dermalogica skin therapist can always help to find a sun protection solution that best addresses your unique skin needs or help to spot suspicious skin cancer signs.


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