~ The next big beauty comeback - Hair gels ~

I know, I know, I thought the same exact thing. Hair gels? Really?

Truth be told you probably have steered clear from this category of hair products to avoid the hard headed slicked back look that was once considered cool back in the 90s. But in actuality, today’s hair gels are far more advanced than the sticky blue goop found your typical bottle of LA Looks. 

I recently had a blowout done with celebrity stylist Richard Collins (clients include Demi Lovato, Brie Larson, Selena Gomez, etc.) to test out the new products from Schwarzkopf ULTIME, including their new styliste Amino-Q Hold Gel ($8, drugstores nationwide). I wasn’t too thrilled about having hair gel used on my already flat, straight hair—but Richard explained that today’s hair gels are VERY much different and are actually quite amazing at making your style last longer. Low and behold, after my blowout my lifeless hair was bouncy and voluminous—and it STAYED, all day long. No gross build up or stickiness commonly associated with gels, just a seriously awesome hold.

The Effects of Hair Gels and other Styling Aids

o   Fat-containing products such as waxes or pomade work well if you want great shine and a soft sleek look
o   Alcohol-containing products such as gel or styling crème provide rigidity and volume
o   Gel waxes are mixed products as the name indicates. They support a well-defined hair structure and provide light hold and a trace of shine

Tips for Using Hair Gel

o   Take it easy when using hair tamers out of tubes and little tubs; less is more is the motto. You can always add more, but once you have added too much, all you can expect is beach style hair or an oil crisis and the only remaining workable option is shampooing your hair.

o   Not all hair gels and waxes are created equal. Therefore, you will have no choice but to experiment a little to find the styling product that was made for your hair. Some gels create a wet look while the use of others may quickly give your hair the porcupine look. Gels can make your hair shine or create a matte appearance. Reading the information on the package helps. The package information also tells you whether the product provides light or strong hold.

o   When using any styling aid remember to start out by rubbing a very small amount of it between your fingers and working it into your hair beginning at the lower hair portion near the roots. Only then should you use the product to style individual strands of hair on top of your head.

o    In case you want to create a very smooth and straight look, part your hair and comb it all back. Distribute a little wax in the palms of your hands before softly stroking over your hair several times.


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