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Dragon's Blood is just as unique as it sounds. Of course, it is not blood at all. It actually comes from the bright red sap of a tree found deep in the Amazon rainforest in South America and is locally known to have exceptional skin benefits. This amazing sappy resin acts like a liquid bandage and dries quickly to form a protective barrier on the lips. It is used traditionally to help accelerate repair of the skin, giving rise to its reputation as a ‘second skin’. Dragon’s Blood also has antioxidant properties and activity suggesting that Dragon’s Blood reduces free radical damage to the skin making it an ideal ingredient for beauty products.

After being disappointed by countless lip products, the True Science Cosmetics founders decided to don their entrepreneurial hats, draw on their previous beauty and business experience and create their own gloss with a unique formula featuring Dragon's Blood that would provide everything that women want for their lips. Enter True Lipz™, it will change the way you think and feel about gloss. Envision satin-smooth gloss in the most en vogue shades gliding effortlessly over your lips while depositing ingredients such as Dragon's Blood and pure Lanolin known for nourishing, hydrating, conditioning and healing. Finally, a gloss that leaves your lips feeling luxuriously soft and supple…even the day after you’ve worn it. The formula is free of parabens, petroleum, mineral oil and propylene glycol. Never tested on animals, all True Lipz™ products are made in the USA for unrivalled quality you can feel confident about.


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