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Classic Chic:
Iconic American Brand Caswell-Massey’s Timeless Treasures Include Scents Favored by George Washington and JFK
Caswell-Massey, founded in 1752, is synonymous with the word “classic.” Favored by Presidents from George Washington to John F. Kennedy, the brand symbolizes quality and tradition – two things that will never go out of style.
Caswell-Massey’s most adored classic products and collections have been beloved for decades (and in some cases, centuries) due to their divine aromas and soothing formulas. From the bracing scent of Jockey Club (rumored to have been JFK’s favorite) to the exotic unisex aroma of the Sandalwood collection and the simple, yet effective formulas of Caswell-Massey’s founder, Dr. Hunter’s apothecary products, it is easy to see why these products have stood the test of time.
Classics from Caswell-Massey Include the Below Timeless Collections
Number Six

A world-renowned favorite since its introduction in 1752, this blend includes a mélange of citrus touched with bergamot, orange blossoms, rosemary, narcissus, and 27 additional aromatics. It is the choice of the man who, like our first President, George Washington, embodies the indomitable spirit of our American heritage. Available in Cologne Water, Aftershave, Talc, and Soap Set. Prices range from $16 to $36.
Almond & Aloe
Caswell-Massey’s Almond & Aloe is a pure and heavenly fragrance the entire family will enjoy. For more than 260 years Caswell-Massey has been formulating the finest natural ingredients to create products of subtle complexity and undiminished purity. The Almond & Aloe collection is a perfect example. From fragrant almond trees we extract sweet almond oil, one of nature’s finest moisturizers, and combine it with aloe vera, nature’s finest healer, to create a complete line of
 facial, bath and body treatment products. The light gender-neutral scent of almond is detected while the product is in use but does not leave a lingering scent on the skin. This makes Almond & Aloe products perfect for those with sensitive or dry skin. Available in Single Bar and Three Bar Soap Set, Body Butter, Body Lotion, Hand & Body Wash, Hand Cream, Talc, Signature Foaming Bath Cream, as well as the jumbo sized Titanic Bath Gel, Titanic Body Lotion, and Titanic Liquid Soap. Prices range from $10 to $48Dr. Hunter

In the tradition of Caswell-Massey’s founder, Dr. William Hunter, this collection gets back to basics.  In 1752, Dr. Hunter was the very first physician, in America to create the concept of an apothecary shop. High-quality natural botanicals and herbs combine in his namesake collection to give a whole new meaning to feeling clean.  These classic formulas have remained constant generation to generation. Available in Rosewater & Glycerin Hand Crème, Foot Comfort Crème, Original Body Cleanser, Hair Wash, Lip Salve, Cuticle Cream, Pure Vegetable Castile Soap, Hand Crème Mini, and Foot Crème Mini. Prices range from $10 to $39.95.
Jockey Club

Gentlemen have enjoyed the fresh, dry nature of this slightly racy scent for years. Favored for its inherent versatility, this sporty scent is always appropriate, and wears equally well at the Belmont Stakes or at the Inaugural Ball. It was rumored to have been favored by President John F. Kennedy. Available in Cologne Water, Aftershave, Talc, and Soap Set. Prices range from $16 to $36.

Many years ago, the search for exotic essences brought Caswell-Massey to India, where the sumptuous gardens of Maharajahs and Maharanis are fragranced by the rare sandalwood tree, a scent as intriguing as India itself. It is from this rare tree that Caswell-Massey has distilled the exotic essence for the Sandalwood Collection. This intriguing and exotic collection is equally suited to men and women. Available in Cologne Spray, After Shave, Wood Grain Bath Soap, Foaming Bath Gel, Talc, Body Lotion with Silk. Prices range from $16 to $36.
Caswell-Massey products are all created in America without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or animal testing.  They are available at caswellmassey.com as well as at fine retailers nationwide.
About Caswell-Massey
Before there was a United States of America, there was Caswell-Massey, the original purveyor of the finest personal care products and accessories.  America’s oldest operating retailer, Caswell-Massey was founded in 1752 in Newport, Rhode Island by Dr. William Hunter.  Caswell-Massey has since been able to serve a distinguished clientele including the Founding Fathers, the pioneers of Wall Street, and many legends of art and film.  Today, Caswell-Massey continues the traditions of crafting only the finest personal care products and accessories, and of procuring the best of what the world has to offer. More than 260 years after Dr. Hunter opened his doors, Caswell-Massey continues to honor his commitment to quality, service, and innovation.  Some things never change.
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