Krigler America One 31 Eau de parfum

A heritage fragrance created in New York in 1931 by Krigler, the storied perfume house. Created in America and beloved by national icons, Krigler America One 31 Eau de Parfum is the perfect way to pay tribute to the hardworking spirit of the nation. The unisex fragrance was the first scent to be crafted when the Krigler Haute Perfumery opened its doors at New York’s Plaza Hotel in 1931. Since then, it has become a staple of the land of liberty, once worn through the years as a signature scent by influencers from legendary American author Ernest Hemingway to President John F. Kennedy when he was just a young Senator. Full of vibrant contrasts and joyous warmth, Krigler America One 31 captures the distinct essence of this multifaceted country.


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