Just Go Raw for junk free food snacks

Created by a father looking for healthy, delicious snack choices for his family,  Go Raw junk free food snacks are made of best quality ingredients that are simple, healthy, raw and organic.  They are a fantastic alternative to the so-called “healthy snacks” out there that are typically filled with sugar and/or preservatives.  They truly bridge the gap between healthy food and tasty food and are great for busy people on the go. (Kids love them too, making them great for families.) 

Along with being a delicious organic choice, Go Raw packs even more nutritional value because they are sprouted.  Live, sprouted grains and seeds have numerous benefits including greater availability of vitamins (like C), iron and other minerals, increased protein, higher soluble fiber content, to name a few. 

Just a few delicious Go Raw choices include:

  • Sprouted Cookies in flavors like chocolate, lemon, ginger snap, Masala Chai, Carrot Cake and more
  • Sprouted Bars in flavors like raisin, banana bread, pumpkin, spirulina and Real Live Apricot and more
  • Organic Raw Chocolate bars in flavors like Mint, Dark and Orange
  • Coconut Crisps in flavors like chocolat coconut and salt & vinegar
  • Sprouted Flax Snax in flavors like spicy, pizza and sunflower
  • Sprouted Granola 
  • Sprouted Seeds like Pumpkin, Sunflower, spicy seed mix and even Watermelon
  • Salad Snax in Ranch, Thousand Island and Original Vinaigrette


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