High Country Gardens wins 2015 green thumb award

Dog Tuff™ African Dogtooth Grass named one of the best new plants for 2015
Dog Tuff™ African Dogtooth Grass (Cynodon hybrida Dog Tuff™) from High Country Gardens has been honored as a 2015 Green Thumb Award winner as one of the top new plants of the year.
Cynodon hybrida ‘Dog Tuff™ (‘Dog Tuff™ African Dogtooth Grass) is a xeric turf grass that is perfect for high traffic and play areas, with excellent durability in yards with dogs. A sterile hybrid, this South African native grass was discovered growing as a dense, bright-green area of grass on an isolated ranch in South Africa. It was brought to the USA over 30 years ago, but it has never been available to the public until it was introduced by High Country Gardens. (The grass was developed by horticulturist Kelly Grummons.)
This low and dense-growing turf grass is a water-wise variety that provides a tough, wear-resistant lawn. It is ideal for kids’ play and stands up to dog traffic and dog urine with little or no damage. Once established, this grass is highly weed resistant, deep rooted and provides a soft, cushioned feel for bare feet. Dog Tuff™ African Dogtooth Grass is considered sterile, so it doesn’t spread by seed. Rather it spreads by stolons that root into the ground whenever they can take hold, filling in to form a thick, luxurious lawn. Well suited for USDA zones 5-9, the grass grows between 2.5 and 4” tall, so mowing is optional depending on the desired look. Cynodon hybrida ‘Dog Tuff™’ (‘Dog Tuff™’ African Dogtooth Grass) sells for $59.95 for a tray of 70 plants from High Country Gardens, (800) 925-9387 or www.highcountrygardens.com.
About the Green Thumb Awards
Winners of the 2015 Green Thumb Awards were chosen by an independent panel of garden writers and editors. The winning products were selected based on their uniqueness, technological innovation, ability to solve a gardening problem or provide a gardening opportunity, and potential appeal to gardeners.
The Green Thumb Awards recognize outstanding new garden products available by mail or online. The awards are sponsored by the Direct Gardening Association (DGA), the world’s largest nonprofit association of companies that sell garden products directly to consumers via catalogs and websites.


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