Engagement and Wedding Trends for 2015

As Valentine’s Day is a day that’s synonymous with love and romance, it’s no wonder why many couples are choosing to get engaged and marry on the Hallmark holiday.

According to the U.S. Census, about 2.6 million Americans get married every year, with 10% of all marriage proposals occurring on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is the single most popular day for wedding proposals out of the entire year.

In addition to proposals, many couples are also choosing to wed on this day of love. Among those couples are several celebrities, including actors Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid, singer-songwriter Prince and Mayte Garcia, supermodel Adriana Lima and basketball player Marko Jaric, Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington and Jenisa Washington, and actress Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault.

“Because Valentine’s Day is day filled with love, romance, hearts and flowers, more and more couples are choosing to get engaged and wed on this very special day. And this year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday, how perfect?” said Grace Caiazzo, owner and consultant at Bella Bridal & Heirlooms, an online bridal boutique that provides bridal accessories, wedding decorations and gifts. “It’s the perfect holiday for couples to celebrate their love and join their families together. It surely provides a symbol for their marriage, one that’s embodied by deep love and devotion.”

Caiazzo’s additional thoughts:
  • While common colors associated with Valentine’s Day are red and pink, more and more couples are having a black and white wedding. It’s an elegant color palette and you can add red or pink as color accents.
  • The theme of this day is romance, so fill the room with lots of candles so romance is in the air. 
  • Don’t forget to accessorize with a stunning necklace or a beautiful lace applique headpiece.  If lace is not your style then pick a gorgeous headpiece made of metal and crystals. 
  • Remember to give guests a perfect favor to end the night. Choose something that has the word “love” on it or an angel candle holder so that they can have their own romantic nights. 
  • Instead of using table numbers, name each table a different title of romantic movies


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