Eau Thermale Avene Oil Free Gel cleanser

Strike the right balance for normal-to-combination sensitive skin—thorough yet gentle cleansing—with our refreshing oil-free, soap-free gel enriched with high levels of soothing Avène Thermal Spring Water and a unique sebo-regulating complex

We all want beautiful skin that reflects good health. Fresh and flawless—no visible pores. Glowing, but never shiny. Smooth, clear and radiant skin begins, of course, with proper cleansing. While we want our skin to feel squeaky clean and wash away any oil spills, we don’t want skin to become so dry that it reacts by signaling oil glands to work overtime. We also don’t want to strip away the lipids that help protect the skin’s moisture barrier. This is skin’s natural defense system, the protection that keeps precious water in and unwelcome “invaders” such as potential irritants, allergens and microbes out.

Soap-based cleansers can disrupt the moisture barrier by removing essential lipids, leading to excessive evaporation of water. The result: dehydration. You know the signs: skin feels tight, taut and rough to the touch, and can become easily irritated. Even oil-prone areas such as the T-zone can become dehydrated. On the other hand, you don’t want an oil-rich cleanser that can leave skin looking dull, feeling greasy and can also result in clogged pores. For perfectly balanced cleansing Avène has the ultimate solution: NEW Oil-Free Gel Cleanser ($25.00 / 6.76 fl. oz.) for normal-to-combination sensitive skin, a crystal-clear formula that offers powerful cleansing that’s also ultra-safe and exceptionally gentle. 

Exclusive to physicians, NEW Oil-Free Gel Cleanser is a lightweight, refreshing gel formula that provides clinically-proven cleansing benefits without irritation. Key to the cleanser’s effectiveness is a very high concentration (60%) of Avène Thermal Spring Water (ATSW) for optimal hydration and skin-softening benefits combined with a unique sebo-regulating complex for balanced oil control. Not only is the innovative formula oil-free, it is also soap-free, which helps to maintain skin’s pH balance. What helps to make quick work of washing away dirt, excess oil and make-up without stripping protective lipids is the infusion of non-aggressive surfactants in a gentle cleansing base. Keeping skin’s protective moisture barrier intact not only helps to seal in water for a soft, smooth, supple complexion, it also minimizes the risk for irritation.

The high percentage of ATSW—scientifically proven by over 300 stringent pharmacological, biological and clinical studies to ensure gentleness and tolerance by providing skin-restoring and anti-inflammatory benefits—soothes and softens skin while Avène’s sebo-regulating complex keeps oil flow in check, helping to mattify the skin. For the utmost in purity, safety and tolerance, the hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic formula is also fragrance-, paraben- and colorant free.

Upon completing a clinical study of 30 subjects ages 14 to 50—all with normal-to-combination skin–Avène found that immediately after using NEW Oil-Free Gel Cleanser 100% of participants reported that the product was non-irritating and did not dry out the skin. After 10 days of twice-a-day use, 97% reported smaller, less visible pores, while after 21 days of twice-a-day use, 88% experienced a reduction in excess oil. In addition to providing high skin tolerance that has been tested under dermatological control (3 weeks of repeated applications under normal conditions), NEW Oil-Free Gel Cleanser has also undergone ophthalmological evaluation for ocular and periocular tolerance (3 weeks of repeated applications under normal conditions) that shows the gel cleanser to be safe for the delicate skin around the eyes.

Available now, NEW Oil-Free Gel Cleanser for normal-to-combination sensitive skin—exclusive to physicians—makes a clean sweep of impurities, excess oil and make-up while leaving skin smooth, supple and with a fresh matte finish.


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