Cenoir and shophq.com team up

Cenoire, a leading manufacturer of stylish portable electronic accessories, today announced the company’s newest stylish electronic toothbrush, the Eluo sonic toothbrush, will be showcased during ShopHQ’s (www.shophq.com) upcoming Holiday Beauty Day.  On November 7, the Eluo will be featured as an ideal holiday gift with special event pricing on a two-pack bundle.
As the newest addition to the company’s popular stylish portable electronic health and beauty accessories, the new Eluo features an ultra brush head with a tongue massager and cleaner.  In addition, the Eluo is capable of 23,000 brush strokes per minute, ensuring the user’s mouth stays fresh and fully clean.  The compact size allows users to discretely carry the toothbrush in their purse, pocket, case or bag while at work, traveling or at play.
Cenoire’s new Eluo sonic toothbrush features the following:
·       Available in 12 different colors and designs
·       Approximately 23,000 brush strokes/minute
·       Two washable and replaceable brush heads
·       AAA battery powered
·       Ultra brush head with a tongue massager and cleaner
·       On/Off push button activation
·       Protective cap
ShopHQ’s Holiday Beauty Day will feature pre-bundled units at a special price, valid only during the event.  Each bundle includes an assembled brush, plus two replacement brush heads, as well as a AAA battery.
More information about Cenoire and the company’s innovative line of stylish portable electronic health and beauty accessories can be found by visiting http://www.cenoire.com.                 
About Cenoire
Founded in 2011, Cenoire is a consumer brand that designs and manufactures innovative fashionable portable electronic accessories.  Cenoire is focused on providing users with the ability maintain a confident fresh look anywhere, without sacrificing fashion or style.  Formulated with style, class and bold designs, the company makes it easy for women on the go to maintain their health and beauty for all occasions.  For more information about Cenoire, please visit the company’s Web site at http://www.cenoire.com.   
About ShopHQ
ValueVision Media, Inc. is a digital commerce company that operates ShopHQ, and delivers an immersive shopping experience that enables customers to shop and interact via TV, phone, Internet and mobile. ShopHQ reaches over 87 million cable and satellite homes and is also available nationwide on PCs, tablets and iPhone, Android and other mobile devices via live streaming at www.shophq.com. For more information, please visit www.shophq.com.


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