smooth 8 cleansing water

This revolutionary alkalizing system, purifies water, boosts your energy, stimulates weight loss, kills the acidity in any beverage, and clears acneSee testimonials below.
With an alkaline level of 9.9, a few drops of Smooth 8 naturally neutralizes the acidity of any beverage — water (bottled or tap), coffee, tea, juice, soda, wine or liquor — stimulating detoxification and weight loss while adding powerful antioxidants and restoring the body’s natural pH balance.  Boosting energy is a natural result of detoxification. 
Acidic diets have been linked to obesity, cancer, diabetes and arthritis.  Stored body fat is the body’s natural defense to protect against the acid affecting organs.  With no chemicals, synthetic additives or preservatives, Smooth 8 Cleansing Water neutralizes the acids, reducing fat storage and resulting in weight loss, increased energy, mental clarity and smoother skin. 
“Most people have no idea that the water and other beverages they drink are dangerously acidic,” says Keven Suttle, Chief Marketing Officer for Smooth 8, headquartered in Boston.  “Our cleansing water is a safe, easy way to protect your health, boost your energy, and improve the taste of your beverages.”
Kiera Doyle, Brooklyn, NYC:  “As a big coffee drinker, I found that adding a few drops of Smooth 8 to my coffee not only made it taste much less bitter, but it kept my stomach from feeling uneasy, even if coffee was the first and only thing I consumed in the early morning.  As I continued to use Smooth 8, I noticed subtle positive changes in my body and my state of mind, too.  My stomach was flatter, and I found myself having a lot more natural energy.”
Isabelle Del Valle, Boston:  “Smooth 8 is my saving grace!  I recently gained 15 lbs. from a combination of overeating, alcohol and lack of exercise.  I decided to commit to a disciplined regimen of exercise and dieting. Although I felt better, after a month I could not drop any of the weight I had gained.  Frustrated and ready to give up, I decided to give Smooth 8 a try as a diet aid. I added Smooth 8 drops to my morning coffee and throughout the day in my water.  After three weeks, I lost seven pounds, retain less water weight and have more energy.”
Tiffany Roach, New York City:  “I used Smooth 8 during a recent weight-loss regimen for a period of two months. In that short time, I was better hydrated than before or since.  I noticed the improved taste of my bottled water, but the most noticeable change was in my skin — it glowed and my acne and blemishes were gone.  I also stopped having acne breakouts.”
In line with being a healthy eater, I am also a proponent of detoxifying one’s body from time to time. I was introduced to Smooth 8 and used it for ten days, as recommended. I did feel more energetic and body-balanced, but what struck me the most was that I wasn’t craving sugar. I often find that when I’m in the habit of eating a lot of sugar, I want more of it. It was definitely a wonderful aide in getting my body back on track. I like that it’s natural and simple to employ.  I will most definitely continue using this product to help keep my body in balance. – Stacy Jethroe, Charlotte, North Carolina
According to Dr. Robert O. Young, the author of The pH Miracle for Weight loss, acidity in the body is one of the biggest causes of obesity.  Smooth 8 kills harmful bacteria, yeast and other pathogens including e coli and salmonella.  Put 20 drops in water for any food you want to clean as well as in your drinking water – far safer than chlorine and ammonia in most drinking water!
A one-ounce 600-drop bottle of Smooth 8 is $19.95.  Daily care suggests 10-20 drops per beverage, up to 60 drops per day.
Smooth 8 can be purchased at  I look forward to hearing from you.


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