Klorane ~ New Mango Butter range

NEW Mango Butter range—Shampoo, Conditioning balm, Mask, Leave-in cream and Oil—unlocks the secret of the mango to combat dry hair, making nourished, supple hair as easy as 1-2-3!

Considered sacred by Hindus, the mango tree bears a stone fruit known throughout the world for its delectable, juicy flesh. For thousands of years, the mango, indigenous to Asia, has been cultivated and harvested for sustenance and medicinal purposes due to its inherent nutritive and protective properties. Chock-full of antioxidants, fatty acids, polysaccharides, minerals and vitamins, the mango is a veritable well of nutrients.

Unmatched in their top-notch expertise on botanical science, KLORANE Laboratories looked to the mango’s superior nourishing and moisturizing powers to anchor a line made especially for dry hair prone to tangles, split ends and dullness: the NEW Mango Butter range. This rejuvenating range provides nourishment to strands without weighing hair down to reveal revived, supple and soft hair.

While carefully preserving the surrounding ecosystem, KLORANE harvests their mangoes (Mangifera indica L.) in India in accordance withPierre Fabre Botanical Expertise® specifications. This rigorous process from selection through the development of a plant extract, ensures the availability, traceability and consistent efficacy of raw materials and guarantees that consumers receive safe, innovative and effective productsThe unique quality chain keeps in line with KLORANE’s commitment to minimize their environmental impact at every stage of development. Before they are completely ripe and when active substances are at their peak concentration, the mangoes are picked by hand. To unlock the superior moisturizing and nourishing powers of the mango best suited to meet the needs of dry hair, KLORANE utilizes the kernel of the mango, which is removed from its protective shell then sun-dried naturally before cold-pressing. The cold-pressing process preserves the mango’s exceptionally nutritious qualities and produces a silky mango butter that is composed of polysaccharides and 90% fatty acids with nourishing, moisturizing and protective benefits to enhance dry hair.

A result of a superficial deterioration, dry hair lacks lipids which protect against external stressors. This hydrolipidic film also helps to regulate the exchange of water naturally contained in the hair. With its natural protection disrupted, hair can experience excessive water loss at its core while the hair’s scales lift up and fall away, exposing the intercellular cement of hair. The intercellular cement is rendered deficient and the keratin fibers become damaged. Hair becomes dull, coarse and difficult to style. With its NEW Mango Butter range, KLORANE has not only developed an easy 3-Step beauty ritual proven to transform dry hair, but also invites you to indulge in a luxurious experience.
·         From the very first wash, NEW KLORANE Shampoo with mango butter ($7.50 / 3.35 oz.; $19.50 / 13.5 oz.) helps to strengthen hair’s hydrolipidic film and coats hair to keep it from drying out. The Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)-free shampoo leaves hair nourished, silky, soft and shiny and prepared to take on treatments in Steps 2 & 3.

·         NEW KLORANE Conditioning balm with mango butter ($7.50 / 1.69 oz.; $16 / 5.07 oz.) provides nourishment and detangling benefits without weighing hair down while helping to prevent split ends. Left in hair for just two minutes, this biodegradable, rinse-out treatment restores softness and suppleness.

·         With a high concentration of mango butter, NEW KLORANE Mask with mango butter ($24 / 5.04 oz.) coats the scales on the hair cuticle and fills in cracks within the hydrolipidic film, helping to keep hair from drying out. The weekly, biodegradable rinse-out treatment brings intense, deep-down and long-lasting nourishment to hair, leaving it protected, repaired and easier to style.
·         A daily leave-in treatment, NEW KLORANE Leave-in cream with mango ($16 / 4.22 oz.)  acts as a protective coating over the full length of hair and helps to prevent split ends. After application of the creamy and fluid-textured formula, hair is nourished, protected, softened and easy to style.

·         A multi-purpose dry oil, NEW KLORANE Mango Oil ($16 / 4.22 oz.) is formulated with a photo-protector complex to protect against external stressors like the sun, salt water and chlorine. Hair fibers are smoothed down to prevent hair from drying out and hair’s radiance and luminosity are enhanced.

The NEW Mango Butter range is dermatologically tested, paraben- and silicone-free and infused with an enchanting natural scent of freshly-cut mangoes that offers a unique sensory experience. All products have clinically-proven effectiveness individually but when Steps 1 through 3 were combined, the effects of the products were found to have reinforced nutritive properties and enhanced effectiveness. In a study of 67 subjects who used NEW KLORANE Shampoo with mango butter together with NEW KLORANE Conditioning balm with mango butterand NEW KLORANE Leave-in cream with mango butter: 97% agreed the combination facilitated detangling; 94% agreed hair was nourished and supple after use; and 93% agreed the combination protects hair from drying out and nourishes hair deep down. Additionally, 85% found that combining the three products was more effective than just using the shampoo alone.


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