The truth about breakouts:

The truth is, breakouts can affect anyone – not just teens! In fact, adult acne affects 25% of adult men and 50% of adult women at some time.

According to dermatologist Dr. David Bank, the damage of the summer’s rays can cause blockage of the sebaceous oil glands, sometimes translating into breakouts during the fall season. (This makes year-round sunscreen even more important!)

Your healthy skin hall pass is knowing the truth about clear skin. Are you guilty of believing any of these myths?
Untitled.png·         Blackheads are dirt.
·         Breakouts and make-up are a bad combo.
·         Pizza = pimples.
·         Toothpaste can clear up acne.

Check out our GIF guide to learn the clear truth about…
·         Blackheads        
·         Cleansing routines
·         Food’s effect on skin
·         Quick DIY acne tricks
·         Makeup and clogged pores
·         Stress breakouts
·         Sun and acne  
·         Sweat and acne
·         Surprising breakout causes
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