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Colief®Colic Awareness Month 'We Time' Giveaway!
This March, for Colic Awareness Month, Colief® Infant Drops is celebrating 'We Time Wednesdays!' They want to make it easier for families to enjoy more “we time” with their little ones and preserve the memories with the Colief Colic Awareness Month “We Time” Giveaway! Each Wednesday March 6, 2013 through March 27, 2013, one winner will be randomly selected to each receive a Baby Bjorn infant carrier to encourage more 'we time' together, a keepsake frame and hand/foot print kit as a permanent memento of this precious time and Colief Infant Drops. 
Enter now to gain some ‘we time’ by *liking* Colief onFacebook. Don’t forget to *share* with a friend who could use a little more ‘we time’ and a little less colic! https://www.facebook.com/ColiefInfantDrops/app_163032157099207

Spring Into a New You with ConairScales 
If weight loss and healthier habits are among your plans for this coming spring season, 
then Weight Watchers® Scales by Conair™ has the perfect scale to help you accomplish your goals! Follow Conair Scales on Twitter (@ConairScales) for more giveaway information, tips and advice to stay motivated, get fit and become healthier!http://www.twitter.com/conairscales.
Get the Looks You Love with Conair!
Steal spotlights with great hair by Conair! *LIKE* the Conair Facebook page to learn about new giveaway offers, the latest Conair products and get great
hairstyling tips!            
Certain Dri® No Sweat Challenge Participants Wanted
Has excessive perspiration impacted your self-confidence? Is your current clinical antiperspirant falling short? If so, sign up here to be considered as a participant in the Certain Dri® No Sweat Challenge.  We’re looking for bloggers who believe that their excessive perspiration is a problem and are ready to be sweat-free. Participants will be provided with a year's supply of Certain Dri, a shopping spree and the ability to raise their arms in confidence. Visit the Certain Dri Facebook page for the sign-up form or click here.

Unexplained Fatigue and Weakness?
Do you suffer from unexplained fatigue and weakness that cannot be attributed to pregnancy, excessive physical activity, or a prior diagnosis of iron deficiency? This may be a sign of an iron deficiency. If you are interested in learning more about iron deficiency and working on a product review and giveaway opportunity for a supplement designed to help raise iron levels and lower levels of fatigue please contact Danielle atdmaiello@rlapr.com

Free Your Ears… with EarPlanes™! 
Will you be traveling by air for business or pleasure soon, or know someone who will be? Clogging, popping, pressure (and the resulting temporary hearing loss) – particularly in young children, can really put a damper on the adventure. EarPlanes™ is the #1 earplug recommended for air travelers!  EarPlanes™ for Adults and Children are safe, comfortable and affordable. *LIKE* the NEW EarPlanes Facebook page for more information, new giveaway offers and great travel tips! If you are a blogger interested reviewing this product please feel free to contact Jennifer at jopperman@rlapr.com

Had Success with VSL#3® Probiotic? Submit your Testimonial for a Chance to Receive Product
Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals Inc. maker of VSL#3® Probiotics has been getting many success stories from people who have successfully incorporated VSL#3 into the dietary management of their gastro-intestinal issues – so many that they feel these stories need to be shared!  If you have a VSL#3 success story visitwww.vsl3testimonials.com to submit either a written testimonial and/or a video testimonial for a chance to receive a one month supply of free product. Visit www.vsl3testimonials.com for official guidelines. 

 Prepared Parent? Share FeverAll® 
With a Review & Giveaway
Savvy parents - like your readers - prepare for the “what ifs”, like “what if your little one comes down with a fever with vomiting?” Those parents keep FeverAll® Acetaminophen Suppositories(www.feverall.com) in their medicine cabinet to be ready to temporarily relieve an infant’s or child’s pain and reduce fever, even when they are unable to take liquid acetaminophen orally due to vomiting, fussiness, spitting up, spitting out or difficulty swallowing.
FeverAll® is an Official Recommended Product of “Mommy MD Guides” (http://www.mommymdguides.com), and is mentioned in the newest book in their series, “The Mommy MD Guide to the Toddler Years.” Please contact Nicole at negan@rlapr.com if you’re interested in this product.


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