simple and weather proof updos

While it still feels like winter around much of the country, April is notorious for rainfall, but that doesn’t mean it has  to be the month your hair frizzes and your style fizzles. These simple and weather-proof updos from Fantastic Sams’ style expert Pam Kelly, are sure to guarantee a fuss-free and fashionable style amidst the damp weather.

  • The ballerina bun is not only elegant and flirty, but one of the chicest ways to camouflage unruly hair! Slick tresses into a tight ponytail, then twist and pin hair into a tight—or loose—bun. Not only does it work for a day of city slicking, it translates well into an evening look.

  • Try a braid. Although not an official updo, braided styles work well with texture and make any style weather-proof. Whether tight and clean or long and loose, braids are an easy, carefree way to add style and glamour to an everyday look.

  • Ponytails don’t have to be sleek and straight to look pretty – some of the flirtiest looks embrace texture! If humidity is messing with sleek strands, go for the tousled look! Low ponytails positioned at the nape of the neck look high fashion when full and textured. For a glam finish, wrap a small section of hair around the elastic band to camouflage.

  • Try a low, side style. Using your fingers, pull your hair into a low side ponytail. While securing hair into the elastic band, do not pull strands completely through  on the final pull. (This will leave your hair in a small loop secured into the rubber band.) Using your fingers, pull and separate the loop of hair, creating a messy, tousled effect, similar to a top knot. The look is fun and flirty, making imperfection look chic! (Finish off the look with an embellished barrette for a glam effect!)

  • Embrace the madness! Gone are the days when updo styles need to be polished and perfect to invoke glamour! Some of the latest french twists and chignons incorporate texture, curl and relaxed style elements. Style it up, pin it in place and rock it with confidence!


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