Purify hair and end toxic buildup with NEW Shampoo with citrus pulp and NEW Leave-in spray with citrus pulp

Beautiful hair starts with clean, healthy hair that moves freely and reflects light for beautiful shine. But for many of us, modern life can make cleanliness short-lived, even with frequent shampooing. Pollution, buildup from styling products and the calcium in hard water can increase sebum production, leaving tresses limp, heavy and dull. While naturally oily hair is the result of internal factors such as natural physiology, hormonal shifts or stress, normal hair can also become oily at the roots. This accumulation of oil at the hair bulb is known as “regreasing.” Three types of external factors can rev up sebum production in normal hair: (1) climactic factors such as excessive blow-drying on high heat and sun exposure; (2) chemical factors such as residue from pollution, fumes, dust, and calcium deposits in hard water as well as styling product buildup; and (3)miscellaneous factors such as taking certain medications and eating an unbalanced diet. But whether you’re born with oily tresses or have normal hair that rapidly “regreases” in between shampooing, help is at hand.

For the ultimate solution for long-lasting cleanliness, KLORANE Laboratories has tapped into the renowned toning and purifying powers of the majestic Citron fruit, selecting only the bright green Citron grown in the hills of Corsica, France. The Corsican variety is exceptional, due to its soft pulp, a proven source of plant energy. Hand-picking the fruit before it is fully ripe ensures that the Citron’s essential nutrients are at their peak levels. After the fruit is crushed, KLORANE uses a unique extraction method to obtain a golden yellow extract from the pulp, which is brimming with amino acids, vitamins and carbohydrates essential for cleaner, lighter-feeling, naturally lustrous hair. 

And now the patent-pending Citron fruit extract is at the heart of NEW KLORANE Shampoo with citrus pulp (13.4 oz. for $18) and NEW KLORANE Leave-in spray with citrus pulp (5.07 oz. for $14)both formulated to revitalize oily tresses as well as normal hair that rapidly becomes oilier at the roots (“regreases”). Citron fruit extract provides triple-action benefits to: (1) nourish and energize the hair bulb and strengthen and protect the hair shaft; (2) offer anti-free radical action to fight oxidative stress from pollutants, UV exposure and stress that can contribute to oil gland activity going into overdrive; and (3) neutralize the calcium in hard water that can dull hair’s luster. Combined with Glutamic Acid to slow down sebum production and Vitamin B5 to boost radiance, both innovative, paraben-free formulas leave hair feeling light and refreshed, full of energy and brilliantly radiant. White vinegar in Leave-in spray with citrus pulp gently detoxifies without weighing hair down.

In fact, a clinical study of Shampoo with citrus pulpfound that 91% of participants reported that their hair felt lighter after use, and 87% said their hair stayed cleaner longer. A clinical study of Leave-in spray with citrus pulp reports that 91% felt their hair was easier to style after use, and 84% reported instant detangling results. As if long-lasting lightness, cleanliness and incredible shine weren’t enough, you’ll also love the aroma, a delightful profusion of orange, lemon, grapefruit, white flower, jasmine, lily, patchouli and violet. For optimal clarifying and detoxifying benefits, add our Shampoo with citrus pulp and Leave-in spray with citrus pulp to your hair care regimen, using the formulas once or twice a week, or as needed in between your regular shampoo and conditioner.

NEW KLORANE Shampoo with citrus pulp and Leave-in spray with citrus pulp available March 2013. For store locator, please visit Klorane.com.


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