Eco friendly beauty products for earth day

Happy Earth Day! Join the celebration of our amazing planet with natural and Eco-friendly beauty products.

  • natural and organic self tanning collection from Australia - official US debut January 2013
  • green based tan - therefore no orange skin aftermath
  • voted No. 1 by Australia's Vogue magazine
  • no lingering "self tanning" smell
  • RRP: $9.95 - $37.95
  • (

  • Australian makeup collection, that is 100% natural and organic - also NATRUE and NSF Organic Certified
  • does not test on animals, and is chemical free - boasting high volumes of botanical extracts and powerful antioxidants.
  • is a safe, ethical, functional, and environmentally friendly cosmetic for consumers. (

Crystal Deodorants
  • can be used on sensitive skin, with no irritation
  • 24 - Hour Protection - Even after strenuous activity
  • No Aluminum chlorophydrate, aluminum zirconium, parabens, phthalates or dyes
  • recyclable bottle
  • endorsed by cancer research centers
  • MSRP - $4.75 - $6.99


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