Doctors develop a natural way to lose weight

 Lose weight and keep it off. This system is designed by weight loss doctors, who understand why deprivation diets fail. The complete SlimPlate System will be available nationwide this spring. This complete system of portion control tools is designed so that the user never has to count calories; instead it teaches users how to portion their plates for weight loss. Users now have the freedom to choose their own food and their own recipes while losing weight.

“We’ve designed this system for both initial weight loss and to be a long term solution. Unlike other diets, the SlimPlate System is designed to make sure you’re losing fat, not muscle. When you lose weight the wrong way, it’s much easier to put the weight back on. This four phase weight loss plan is designed to help users to lose weight without giving up most of their favorite foods, and then maintain their weight by portioning their plates in a healthy way.  Eating less isn’t the solution, eating right is. We’ve made this product so easy to use, by simply color coding portions of the plates for all four phases.”  - Dr. Myo Nwe

The SlimPlate System was designed by weight loss physicians, Dr. Nwe and Dr. Grewal. Both Doctors believe we can’t dramatically change what we eat permanently, but we can make small corrections to how much we eat. Portion control dishes mean users only have to focus on keeping their foods inside the lines, instead of complicated methods like counting calories, fat and carbohydrates.

For most dieters, it’s hard to count calories, fat and carbohydrates because most foods have more than one ingredient. However, it’s easy to keep food inside the lines. The SlimPlate System ensures that users have all of the portion control tools that they need. The kit includes high quality bone china portion control plates for each of the four phases, a portion control breakfast plate, portion control bowls, portion control cups and portion control cutters. To view the complete system visit the


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