Custom Nail Solutions revolutionizes nail care

CustomNailSolutions is revolutionizing the nail care industry, the first ever, custom-fit, non-toxic and everlasting artificial nails.  The nails are created using an impression system that's similar to one dentists use and result in nails that are as unique to you as your fingerprint.  For us nail fashionistas, it's a must-have; you can't beat custom fit artificial nails in the length and shape you desire, to decorate as you wish from the comfort of your own home.
About Custom Nail Solutions
Just look to Custom Nail Solutions for custom-fit, non-toxic and everlasting artificial nails. Custom Nail Solutions are safe and non-toxic and don’t expose you to harmful fumes and hazardous chemicals like acrylics and gel nails do. They also do not require any filling or drilling to the natural nails. They are thinner, stronger, reusable and virtually indestructible. Because they are everlasting, you will save thousands of dollars by not having to make expensive and inconvenient nail appointments  The process is easy; once you receive the impressions kit, take your nail bed impressions and send them in, along with your nail style/size selection.  CustomNailSolutions then uses a state of the art laser process to create your one-of-a-kind nails and sends them back to you.  You can paint them any color and apply any design.  It's as easy as that! Visit the site at


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