Celebrate Earth Day
With KLORANE and MillionTrees NYC

NEW KLORANE Eco-Friendly Essentials Earth Day Kit

From philosophy to finished product, KLORANE Laboratories makes every day a celebration of Earth Day, utilizing only the purest plant extracts and the highest level of pharmaceutically proven technology to target specific hair and skin needs. With a remarkable legacy of over 40 years of leadership in sustainable beauty, KLORANE continues to strengthen its dedication to protecting the planet and harnessing the power of plants. Since the creation of the KLORANE Institute in France in 1994, KLORANE has strengthened its objective to protect plant heritage via research, education, conservation and financial support, including generous donations for earth-friendly initiatives.
In celebration of Earth Day 2013, in April, KLORANE is offering the NEW Eco-Friendly Essentials Earth Day Kit. Tucked inside a reusable canvas bag is the perfect duo for environmentally conscious beauty: the non-aerosol eco-friendly KLORANE Gentle dry shampoo with oat milk and the 100% Biodegradable Soothing make-up remover wipes with cornflower water.  A $29.00 value, the Earth Day Kit will retail for $20.00.  For every kit sold, $1.00 will go to MillionTrees NYC, a PLANYC initiative with NYC Parks and New York Restoration Project, to plant a tree in New York City. “By supporting this important initiative, we are achieving perfect synergy between the legacy and continuing goals of Klorane and MillionTreesNYC,” says Jacqueline Flam Stokes, Vice President, Retail Marketing and Sales for Avène and Klorane.

“MTNYC is part of New York City’s initiative to green our City and make it healthier and more beautiful, and we’re delighted to be recognized for this by Klorane and take part in their special offer, which will benefit New Yorkers and visitors alike,” says MTNYC Director Morgan Monaco.
Packaged in a fully recyclable non-aerosol bottle, the eco-friendly KLORANE Gentle dry shampoo with oat milk is formulated with soothing oat milk derived from a patented method to comfort scalps irritated by detergent shampoos. Microspheres of Cyclodextrin, a compound made of sugar molecules used to convert liquids into powders, helps to rid hair of excess dirt and oil. Natural corn and rice starch powders provide gentle—and powerful—cleansing action without a drop of water—giving you another way to conserve this precious natural resource. Made of 100% silky soft viscose fibers, KLORANE 100% Biodegradable Soothing make-up remover wipes with cornflower waterdecompose naturally after each use, helping to shrink your carbon footprint every time you take off your make-up. Each wipe is infused with refreshing Cornflower—sustainably farmed in France to ensure 100% traceability—to naturally soothe and reduce puffiness while providing anti-inflammatory benefits.
MillionTreesNYC is a citywide, public-private initiative with an ambitious goal: to plant and care for one million new trees across New York City’s five boroughs by 2017. By planting one million trees, New York City can increase its urban forest—its most  valuable environmental asset made up of street trees, park trees and trees on public, private and commercial land—by an astounding 20%, while achieving the many quality of life benefits that come with planting  trees. Twice a year, during the fall and spring planting seasons, the City of New York’s Parks Department hosts MillionTreesNYC Reforestation Days—large scale planting days during which 20,000 trees are planted in multiple sites citywide, involving over a thousand volunteers. For more details please go to www.milliontreesnyc.org

The Klorane Eco-Essentials Earth Day Kit is available for $20.00 in April 2013. For store locator, please visit Klorane.com.


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