The ClogCatcher review

The Clog Catcher is a newly launched product that helps prevent the
all-too-common household problem of clogged bath tub and/or sink drains…and
does so easily and inexpensively.

Feel free to check out the product here for details:
What is Clog Catcher?

The Clog Catcher is a bristled flexible wire circle that slides right over
the drain plug of a pop-up assembly in a bath tub or sink -- no tools
required. The patented design allows water to flow through bristles of the
Clog Catcher but prevents any clog-forming debris from entering the drain
system. (It's great to help keep pet hair out as well.)

The Clog Catcher is a green alternative to the use of caustic drain cleaners
too. It eliminates the use of cumbersome drain snakes as well as expensive
calls to the plumber.  The Clog Catcher was engineered to be flexible and
non-corrosive so it can simply be cleaned and reused.

AND… it doesn’t just prevent clogs -- it was also engineered to catch any
small items like jewelry or contact lenses from accidentally slipping down
the drain.

A 4-pack of Clog Catchers sells for $9.99 and is available at:


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