Juliana USA set to launch in the anti-aging market

Juliana USA Set to Make its Mark in the Competitive Anti-Aging Product Market Passion for health and high technology meet in new products recognized by women across the world

Juliana USA, a young company founded by James Madison University graduate Sean Murphy, has set its sights on the multi-billion dollar Anti-Aging product market. And while competition is fierce, Juliana has already won over fans across the world by combining the best ingredients possible in Anti-Aging skin care.
Juliana started operations in 2012, focusing on a small set of specialized products that combine the most powerful biologically active organic natural ingredients, such as snail enzymes and bee venom. This high-tech compound, along with Sean’s unwavering commitment to making positive a difference in people’s lives, makes this boutique line unique enough to make a substantial mark in the vast world of Anti-Aging products.
Sean was studying biology in college when he first made the decision to focus on creating the best possible Anti-Aging products. He focused his studies specifically on this concept, and through a series of volunteer tests on women between the ages of 20 and 84, he refined a product that smooths wrinkles & lines, restores elasticity and lift, and also regenerates dry & damaged skin.
“I'm passionate about rejuvenation technology and health, and our skin is the most visual part of how youthful, beautiful, and healthy we are,” states Sean. This passion comes through in each of Juliana’s products, as he was intent to not only address aging skin, but also preserve and protect the traits of youthful skin. Currently, Juliana is marketing two key items: the YOUTH2Skin™ Day & Night Serum and the Bee Venom Mask. The Day & Night Serum, in addition to using all the best ingredients for skin on the market, also uses nature’s best skin regenerative bio-active complex from the humble garden snail. It is a rich complex of proteins and enzymes designed to strengthen and restore the skin to look younger and more luminous. The Bee Venom Mask, known as a favorite by Princess Kate Middleton, corrects hard to erase wrinkles by using Apitoxin. This exclusive formula helps to break down the skin so it can regenerate into younger, smoother skin. Sean believes that the Bee Venom Mask is “a safer and cost effective alternative to Botox.” And, all Juliana products come with a complete money back satisfaction guarantee.
Juliana’s future plans include supplements and prescription drugs, all which will keep with the company’s philosophy to help the public avoid invasive and abrasive ingredients and treatments such as Botox and Laser surgery. Plans are in the works to stock Juliana products in several retail outlets and private spas later in the year. But for now, the key to healthy, youthful skin is just a click away by visiting www.julianausa.com.


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