How to achieve a beautiful complexion

Luxury beauty brand Laura Mercier, teaches us how to achieve a flawless complexion

  • Step 1: Prime the skin
Primer is very important for the skin as it preps the skin for makeup to go on smoothly. It also acts as a protective barrier between the skin and makeup, allowing for makeup to last longer.
  • Step 2: Foundation
Foundation gives the skin an even tone, hiding most discrepancies between the different shades on the face and gives the skin a more uniform looking canvas for eyeshadow or blush colours to show. If you find most foundations too heavy, Laura Mercier's tinted moisturiser is the perfect solution. It has a  light coverage with moisturising properties for a dewy looking finish. The Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser is their best-selling product and also comes in an oil-free formula.
  • Step 3: Conceal
Laura Mercier has  a concealer called the Secret Camouflage which consists of two shades in a palette that you can blend together to form the perfect shade for concealing your flaws. Some people commit the mistake of putting on concealer before foundation as they feel that they should even out the flaws to match the skin before putting on the foundation. This is not true. Foundation has some concealing effect and covers up some flaws like mild dark circles or light spots, putting on concealers in these area before putting on foundation will make the skin look cake-y and often emphasize the flaws as the area looks much lighter than the rest of the face.
  • Step 4: Set with powder
Setting the face with loose powder after you've applied concealer will help the makeup last longer while reducing shine. The Laura Mercier Loose setting powder has a translucent finish that doesn't ruin your makeup even after several touchups throughout the day.


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