eSalon customizes hair coloring system

eSalon is a completely new hair color concept bridging the gap between off-the-shelf home hair color kits and expensive, high-quality salon visits. The eSalon value proposition is to give women who color their hair at home the same quality custom-made formulations that salon colorists prepare for only $22 per custom application. eSalon clients get professional results without paying salon prices. Included in the eSalon kit are personalized instructions and hair color bottles with your own name so you know the product was prepared just for you. You will enjoy the personalized attention which comes from a hair color system tailored to your own hair characteristics. The product won’t fade as fast as retail boxes, and it covers gray much better.

About eSalon
Los Angeles-based prepares custom formulated hair color for at-home application for only $22. eSalon’s Director of Color, Estelle Bamhauer, is a renowned colorist who has 17 years of experience at exclusive salons in Paris, New York, Washington and Los Angeles.


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