Angellift Fusione® Four-Piece Wrinkle Reducing Syste

Infusion Chamber 
Vitamin pH Solution - 4oz 
Funnel Lid

For the woman looking for a skin tightening system that is the first under the skin, over the counter lift with vitamin infusion that nourishes, cleans, and restores the strips.
  • A reusable, powerful lifting strip that restores and rejuvenates lower facial skin appearance
  • Applies pressure under the lip and helps with the appearance of lifted revitalized lip areas
  • Contains low pH Vitamin concentrate including vitamin E and B
  • With the use of the patented Vitamin pH technology, the strips achieve extended lifespan, with the benefit of low pH Vitamin concentrate for skin rejuvenation.
  • Each and every time the strips are placed into the infusion chamber, they are cleaned, renewed and infused with low pH vitamin concentrate.
  • Infusion Chamber:
  • Infusion Chamber allows the low pH vitamin complex to be infused into the Dermastrips while restoring its lift
  • Clear infusing windows allows you to monitor the amount and condition of the vitamin pH within the chamber
  • Vitamin pH Solution:
  • 30 day supply of low pH vitamins and nutrients for Dermastrip
  • Cleans, restores and infuses Dermastrips
  • Refillable Vitamin fluid
    Place one strip under the upper or lower lip for 1-2 minutes to begin. Work your way up to 30 minutes per day while in the privacy of your home, car, office, etc. Place the used strip back into the infusion chamber after each use. Replace the Vitamin fluid within the chamber each week. Replace the Vitamin pH fluid each month.
    Please note the vitamin infusion does not deliver these nutrients under the lip.. A cosmetic cannot be absorbed within the mouth.
    Made in the USA.
    Please view the above Ingredients tab for ingredient information.


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