Personalized gifts for your Valentine

I like these earrings because I know who I would give them to!

These just look delicious!
2. Valentine Love Pops - $16.00

I enjoy how this looks - although I'm not much of a ring girl, so I probably wouldn't wear it.
3. "Love" ring - $24.00

That's what I'm all about: comfortable-sexy. Is there such a thing in lingerie? Yes, there is; it's right here!
4. Lingerie Nightgown - $69.00

I want this to hold my tea at work.
5. Mr. Darcy Proposal Mug - $16.00

These could be a lot of fun!

Too cute!
7. Valentines Brooch - $14.50

I like this one - geeky and sweet.
8. Valentines Day card - $8.00

I love taking baths, so this one is a no-brainer for me.
9. Bath & Body Set - $12.50

So if you like these gift ideas, just send them to the man in your life, and let him know which number you like! 


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