Proskins compression wear fights cellulite

Proskins are a progressive, cutting edge specialist in the field of high technology fabrics and compression wear.
Proskins are recognised specialists in sports technology fabrics and this new slimming fabric has some special ingredients impregnated into it. These anti-cellulite ingredients, include caffeine (to boost circulation), retinol (to improve skin tone), and aloe vera (for skin-softening). These are packed into microscopic capsules and woven tightly into the yarn.
Tackle cellulite, fluid retention and toxic build-up with Proskins SLIM.
The Proskins SLIM range is music to women's ears. Clothing that reduces the appearance of cellulite, help fluid retention and moisturise your skin are the perfect piece to have in any wardrobe. The super comfortable and flattering designs mean that they are perfect to wear in the gym or your yoga class, under your everyday clothes or even to sleep in. Wear them as fashion leggings teamed up with your favourite dress or tunic top.
Features of Proskins SLIM Anti Cellulite Leggings:
• Micro-encapsulated yarn: Proskins SLIM is constructed using patented micro-encapsulated yarn. These microcapsules are released in a controlled way throughout the lifetime of the garment.
• Temperature regulating: Garments are temperature regulating to optimise body temperature independently and regulate to 37 degrees Celsius.
• Anti-bacterial and odour reduction: Garments also have a silver anti-bacterial treatment for extended wear, odour reduction and improved garment lifetime.
• Caffeine: A renowed active slimming agent that activates micro-circulation and promotes fat destruction.
• Retinol: A skin regenerator which stimulates collagen, giving a youthful appearance to the skin.
• Vitamin E: An antioxidant that helps the skin appear young and fresh.
Quick facts:
Proskins SLIM independent clinical trials released from Groupe Dermscan in France has proven women who wore slim micro-encapsulated garments for 28 days reported the following:
• 76% slimming efficacy.
• Up to 2cm reduction on thighs perimeter.
• 65% efficacy reduction of fat nodes. Redensifying effect.
• 63% of users state reduction on the orange peel aspect.
• 67% feel their jeans less tight.
• 72% users feel lightness sensation.


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