Christmas Gift must-haves

Fashion and Function this Holiday Season
A perfect gift this holiday season is the Owie Pillow! The Owie Pillow is designed to fit safely between the lower lateral seat belt and your abdomen, alleviating pressure from the seat belt reducing pain and discomfort. The Owie Pillow is the great for motorists traveling by car or plane this holiday season, but is especially helpful to pregnant moms! It's a wonderful gift or stocking stuffer for anyone suffering from abdominal injuries, wounds, recent surgery, or pain. The Owie Pillow is perfect for anyone on the go allowing them to comfortably travel in style!
Price: $34.99


"Charming" Holiday Gifts!
Staying grounded this holiday season is important. With Charmed Design's Om silk ribbon wrap bracelet, you can give the perfect gift to any lucky lady on your gift list. The two Om charms hanging with a freshwater pearl and smoky quartz bead add the perfect amount of elegance and symbolism to any outfit. Om is the Sanskrit symbol for the “sacred” Hindu sound Om. It is believed that this symbol blesses people with luck, material comforts, and spiritual powers. The pearl symbolizes purity, spiritual transformation, charity, honesty wisdom, and integrity, along with the quartz that helps ground the mind and the soul. With hand painted silk ribbons, the bracelet adds unique flare with meaning to any outfit. Because it is 42 inches long, you can wear it as an anklet or necklace as well. That’s three pieces of jewelry in one! 
Price: $36.00


Celebrate This Holiday Season With Bella Vita Bags!! :) 
Bella Vita offers a unique collection of holiday gift bags to make your gift of wine and spirits extra special. This season Bella Vita is pleased to introduce their boxed gift sets, which include wine and gourmet food accessories! Now you can give your holiday party hostess something special this holiday season. Choose from your favorite gift sets that include everything from art glass wine stoppers and charms, to cocktail napkins, to tempered glass cheese boards & cheese knives. Bella Vita also offers and assortment of handmade paper bags for your seasonal offering. Unparalleled quality and unique designs are the perfect compliment to the gift of wine, champagne, spirits, and now even olive oil and vinegar! Each gift bag has a matching tag attached, and all 2 bottle bags have compartment sperators in the inside. Gone are the days of drab packaging and bland, solid gift bags for wine and food. With Bella Vita, your gourmet gifts can be given with style! 

This Stocking Stuffer Might "Bug" You!! The BugLit from Nite Ize!! 

A Holiday Gift that he will Love!! Nite Ize has been serving up convenient problem-solving products to active individuals for over two decades, and has recently released a new gadget for making dim situations a whole lot brighter. The BugLit is quite possibly the only flashlight NiteIze customers will ever need thanks to its ultra-adaptable structure and brilliant light output. While it may appear to be along the lines of a cute toy, the BugLit is actually a hands-free flashlight that gives versatility a whole new meaning. The body is made from the INOVA Microlight--a tough mini flashlight that is encased in a durable polycarbonate plastic housing. It has been built to last and will stand strong against the abuse of the elements. Its moldable, flexible legs are made from Nite Ize's Gear Ties and reach to six inches. Twist them, wrap them, or stand them out straight to create the perfect angle for lighting up the next big task!
Price: $12.99



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