Niki Saint Pierre: a new advanced anti-aging skin care line

 I wanted to quickly introduce you to Niki Saint Pierre, a new advanced anti-aging skin care line for consideration, which you can find online at

 the Daily Nutrients Collection; a line of three nightly restorative oil concentrates formulated to support the skin’s natural renewal processes overnight depending on your skin type:

Anti-Aging Daily Nutrients- Designed to reverse the visible aging effects of stress, UV damage and toxin exposure, this intensive, nutrient-rich oil concentrate is formulated to boost optimal skin cell performance and promote peak collagen levels. 

Radiant Skin Daily Nutrients- The antidote to tired, lack-luster skin, this high performance nighttime dry oil concentrate improves skin’s radiance, firmness, elasticity and tone. Continuously promotes skin’s natural production of collagen, visibly diminishes the appearance of fine lines and balances skin tone.

Clear Skin Daily Nutrients- This multi-tasking nighttime dry oil concentrate detoxifies, brightens and firms skin while the body is at rest. Its unique supercharged formula helps the skin to balance excessive sebum production and strengthen its ability to handle stressors that cause breakouts. 

Designed to compliment the existing Intense Overnight Therapy Collection, which includes The Refining Facial Serum and The Youth Creme, the Daily Nutrients allow for a customized, high-performance regimen based on your skin type (dry, oily, normal) that fights the signs of aging while you sleep.

Some additional info on the line:

- $85-$175
- Works with the skin's natural renewal process overnight 
- Maximum concentrate of active key ingredients ( average of 95% ingredients of natural origin)


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