Vapur Quenchers for your little one

 If you have a little one, you understand the importance, and sometimes struggle, to get your favorite little monster to eat healthy, stay active and drink (a lot!) of water. Enter Vapur’s new Quenchers!

Great for your kids and the planet, Vapur Quenchers make staying hydrated fun and easy while giving waste the boot.  Kids can personalize their Vapur’s with four different sticker pack options, bringing the beloved Vapur characters to life.  The Quencher collection features four cool and comical characters: Bo, Lolli, Fuse and Splash.
Quenchers are perfect companions in school lunches, field trips, after-school activities, sports, road trips… the uses are endless. Whether you are short-tempered lionheart like Fuse, geeky-sheek like Bo, a bubbly troublemaker like Splash, or sassy-sweet like Lolli, there is a Quencher alter ego for you.  They put the “fun” in functional.
Price and link to purchase item: $11.99


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