PosePrints is a great gift for moms and kids alike

PosePrints stationery ( http://www.PosePrints.com) is fun, personalized, affordable and makes a great gift.
At PosePrints.com, the gift-giver, using our custom scrolling mechanism, can put together their own caricature of a friend or family member by selecting from hundreds of facial features and accessories. It's sort of like putting together paper dolls -- or an avatar -- online!  The caricature (or two) is then printed on high quality stationery, recipe cards, notepads or magnets.  We also add additional caricatures and animals with special requests, at no additional charge.
Gifts for Women:
Personalized Stationery
Personalized Recipe Cards
Personalized Note Cards
Personalized Business / Calling Cards
Personalized Notepads
Custom Teacher Note Cards
Pet Stationery
Our cards cost $2.00 each, and there is a minimum order of 15 cards. Notepads cost $36, which includes 2 pads.

PosePrints Personalized Notepads:
Gifts for Children:
Custom Stationery
Personalized Note Cards
Here is a link to PosePrints Custom Children’s Stationery:


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