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FORMULA: 10811-1A / Suggested Retail: $40.00
An extremely mild bi-o-ac-tive: anti-aging cleanser deeply cleans without irritation and retains the skin’s delicate moisture balance. Hypo-allergenic, non-drying, soap-free formula, gently and completely removes dirt and make-up, leaves skin feeling soft and clean with a boost of anti-oxidants.
The Anti-Aging Cleanser includes super anti-oxidant Red Mangrove Extract to help repair skin damage, comforting Virgin Coconut Oil, healing Shea Butter, calming Allantoin and anti-inflammatory Mango Butter for an irritation-free deep clean.

FORMULA: 10812-6 / Suggested Retail: $80.00
This light, moisturizing bi-o-ac-tive: luminous day treatment combats hyper pigmentation with HEVIA MD SKIN SCIENCE’S™,  propriety Red Mangrove extract and OH-XI Complex™ blend of unique ingredients, including Vitamin C and Trans-Resveratrol. Skin instantly feels softer, looks more even-toned, brighter and with an overall healthy, youthful glow.

The Luminous Day Treatment works with the help of super anti-oxidant Red Mangrove Extract to help repair skin damage. Anti-aging and skin brightening Trans-Resveratrol, skin whitening Vitamin C Esters and Laminaria Algae to help strengthen the connective tissue matrix for toned, radiant looking skin all day long.

FORMULA: 10813-7 / Suggested Retail: $120.00
This rich moisturizing bi-o-ac-tive: night repair treatment cream is packed with HEVIA MD SKIN SCIENCE’S™, proprietary, patent-pending Red Mangrove extract and OH-XI Complex™ which combines powerful anti-oxidants and a combination of unique skin firming ingredients to help boost collagen synthesis overnight, resulting in visibly smoother, firmer, softer, younger looking skin.

Sleep tight with the Night Repair Treatment Cream, which includes super anti-oxidant Red Mangrove Extract to help repair skin damage, anti-aging extract Resveratrol, Acetyl Octapeptide-3 to firm skin and Porphyra Algae Extract to protect cells from environmental damages.

FORMULA: 10814-8 / Suggested Retail: $110.00
An extremely rich, moisturizing bi-o-ac-tive: day & night eye complex which was created for the delicate tissue around the eyes. Fortified with soy and rice bran peptides to combat dark under-eye circles, and micro-encapsulated filling spheres of hyaluronic acid to instantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Smoothes and firms during the day & softens and hydrates overnight.

The Day & Night Eye Cream includes super anti-oxidant Red Mangrove Extract to help repair skin damage, Hyaluronic Acid to reduce the appearance of wrinkles almost instantly and Glucosamine HCL for extra under-eye skin firming.

FORMULA; 10815-11 / Suggested Retail: $80.00
A multi-purpose, deeply penetrating bi-o-ac-tive: renewing hand & body cream promotes and retains intense hydration to the skin and aids in the process of repairing dry, damaged skin. Specifically blended anti-oxidants and emollients provide long lasting moisturization. Soothes irritation and smoothes, firms, lightens and brightens skin.

The Renewing Hand & Body Cream includes the super anti-oxidant Red Mangrove Extract to help repair skin damage, Shea Butter to heal and nourish wounded skin and the anti-aging and skin brightening powers of Trans-Resveratrol.


FORMULA: 108118-6-2 / Suggested Retail: $275.00
The bi-o-ac-tive: potent repair serum is so unique that it’s called “The Specialist”! Featuring a light and silky texture, it’s packed with a powerhouse of active ingredients including the highest level of HEVIA MD SKIN SCIENCE’S™, patent-pending Red Mangrove extract, proprietary OH-XI Complex™ of super anti-oxidants that protect and help stimulate the synthesis of collagen and aelastin. Combine that with a synergistic blend of anti-oxidant boosters to bring the most extreme protection & nourishment giving your skin peak metabolic performance. “The Specialist” will leave skin more even-toned, brighter, softer and smoother… almost instantly!

The Specialist: Potent Repair Serum contains the highest level of the super anti-oxidant Red Mangrove Extract to help repair damage. Also contains Ferulic Acid to protect cellular integrity, Thiotaine to improve the oxygenation of cells and Laminaria Algae to nourish skin.


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