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The Body Bar FLEX is a great gift for all ages.  From kids to athletes to seniors, there is a Body Bar FLEX that will help anyone stay active throughout life.  The award-winning Body Bar FLEX is a flexible composite rod with easy-grip durable rubber casing and end caps. Weighing approximately one pound, the 4-foot Body Bar FLEX can be used for balance and stretching when straight, but offers resistance ranging from 0 to 20 pounds when bent into an arc. It’s ergonomically tailored flexibility allows full joint range of motion and works the entire body in simple or compound movements to develop strength, flexibility, coordination and balance.

Also, Body Bar Inc. has an In-Kind partnership with Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Healthy Schools Program, providing educational support and products to schools nationwide, so more kids are using the Body Bar FLEX in school fitness programs. We also have Collegiate, Office, and Senior Fit Body Bar FLEX programs.

There are several versions of Body Bar FLEX available, depending on one’s fitness level:

-           The Original Body Bar FLEX 4' supplies a maximum of 20 lbs of resistance when flexed.
Price: $39.99

-           We also have a Body Bar FLEX 4' that supplies a maximum of 10 lbs of resistance when flexed.
Price: $39.99    

-           The Body Bar FLEX Power is intended for the individual or athlete who wants and can handle the greater resistance of a maximum of 40 lbs.
Price: $54.99
-           The Body Bar FLEX Power & Weighted features a heavier (4 lb) flexible bar plus the resistance of a maximum of 40 lbs.
Price: $69.99

Rebit 5 “ridiculously simple” backup/recovery software

For those of us how keep photographs, music, and all kinds of precious data on our laptops. If that data is not backed up, those memories could be lost forever.  Rebit’s award-winning Rebit 5 backup and recovery software for PCs automatically and continuously backs up the entire operating system (everything on the PC – Bare Metal Recovery).  And it’s “ridiculously easy” to use.  $49.95 for a 1PC license, $99.95 for 3 PCs.  Rebit 5 software is also available pre-installed on hard drives - $189.95 for 500GB (portable drive), $259.95 for 1TB (desktop drive), $349.95 for 2TB (desktop drive).  PC Magazine named it Editor’s Choice.  A 30-day free trial of the Rebit software is also available.

SightSpace 3D mobile Augmented Reality application for Google SketchUp™. 

An easy-to-use app for those  who like to see what their home additions, interior design, and landscaping might look like with a real background.  Limitless Computing’s SightSpace 3D is the first and only mobile Augmented Reality application for SketchUp™.  It’s easy to view SketchUp™ files with Limitless Computing’s SightSpace 3D mobile app/ With Augmented Reality* capabilities, anyone can overlay digital models (rooms, building projects, landscaping projects) on the physical world - ideal for anyone wanting to bring their work to life. Accurately display your designs on-site prior to construction, redecorating, or landscaping, annotate models on-the-go, bookmark views, take screenshots, and share notes and photos . It is available now on the Apple App Store , Google Play (formerly the Android Market), and for Kindle Fire through the Appstore for Android . List price is $14.99

Sports/Sports History Buffs

The Dream Team of 1947 – Book by Arno P. Niemand
The Dream Team of 1947 is a classic but true David and Goliath story that transcends the sport of wrestling.  It’s the remarkable story of the greatest team you have never heard of, the wrestling team of Cornell College, a tiny, private college that won the NCAA wrestling championship in 1947, defeating all the major powers, becoming the first school outside of the state of Oklahoma ever to win the team championship since teams were officially recognized by the NCAA; no other private school before or since has done so. Then the champions traveled to San Francisco and won the equally prestigious National AAU championship, completing the grand slam of amateur wrestling. The story is informed by the Great Depression and World War II, as well as the GI Bill, which leveled the playing field for several years after the war. It involves a coach direct from central casting, a nurturing small college, three freshmen superstars, and five service veterans, all of whom bonded as a team to defeat all comers. Were it not for a serious car crash the following year that injured two of its stars, there is no telling how much more the team might have achieved. $19.95 - available on Amazon and several bookstores


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