The acne cure ~ the nonprescription plan that shows dramatic results

Known for his astonishing work on “The Swan,” “E!’s Bridalplasty” and now on BRAVO’s #1 reality TV show “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” Dr. Terry Dubrow is a world renowned beauty & skincare expert, plastic surgeon, husband of stunning TV star Heather Dubrow and father of four who is now available to share with you his expert tips on the acne cure.  With a bestselling book of the same title, The Acne Curedescribes a revolutionary, proven treatment program that, in no more than 6 weeks, eliminates acne in 95 percent of all cases--even the most severe ones. The Acne Cure is the only book ever to offer a comprehensive, safe, rapid, and almost universally successful method of eliminating acne without prescription drugs, without side effects, without shifts in lifestyle or eating habits, and at little cost. Dr. Dubrow has already been featured as an expert on “Larry King Live,”“The View” and “Dr. Oz” has publicly deemed him one of the world’s top plastic surgeons’

Dr. Dubrow’s advice works for everyone whether you’re a teenager embarrassed to date because of your complexion, a woman who feels her face is disfigured by acne; whether you're a boy with pimples, or a mature man for whom shaving is torture because of bumps and lesions, Dr, Dubrow has skincare tips and treatment ready to share to get rid of acne.

Some of the innovative acne and skincare topics that Dr. Dubrow can discuss include:
·         The simple, step-by-step program to eradicate even the most difficult acne
·         The ideal cure for any age or skin type
·         The real story of acne: what it is, how it spreads, and what is just a myth
·         The scientific proof behind the Acne Cure program
·         Which vitamins and antioxidants help your skin
·         What really works to eliminate razor bumps in men
·         How stress affects acne and what to do about it
·         The best ways to deal with the really tough acne problems
·         How to eliminate acne scars


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