tatatoos are just the right touch for a special someone

When you want to do more than just wear your heart on your sleeve... make a tatastatement!  On the face of it, that`s a simple question with an easy answer: temporary tattoos for your tatas.  Yet that explanation fails to capture the essence of tatatoos. Yes, they start out as temporary tattoos. But in the right hands, tatatoos wind up as permanent memories.  Treated like a personal greeting card, tatatoos are temporary tattoos, worn on your tatas, that relay sentiments in a fun, intimate and original way.  So whether you`re looking for something different for someone special, a laugh, a gag or just some fun, let your tatatoos do the ta-ta-talking.  tatatoos: when you want to say it all, but leave plenty to the imagination.  Comes in a 2 pack wit two sayings Included


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