Sella nano essence cream ~enjoy the luxurious~

There is all this technology out there, all these studies about how to rejuvenate cells on the DNA level, or at least keep them from breaking down, which is at the heart of aging and disease. This is why I make sure I have plenty of antioxidant foods in my diet; they are supposed to make sure free radicals in our environment don’t damage or kill our cells. And it’s why I make sure all my beauty products are rich in antioxidants and do their work at the cellular level.
I just read an article about how free radicals and antioxidants work with each other (or against, depending on the situation). Here’s the basic gist: free radicals damage cells and if enough cells are damaged, it causes a domino effect and they all go down. Antioxidants stop this process (it’s about a shortage of electrons, which causes instability at the atomic level and antioxidants have extra electrons, which balance everything out). So this leads me to the new moisturizer I’ve been trying: Sella Nano Essence Cream. The ingredients include Nano-Gold and Selenium, with the additions Nano-Platinum and Ubiquinone (Co Q10), all of which are powerful antioxidants. It also has other ingredients to increase hydration – because it’s not all about a fight against free radicals; we also have to consider basic needs.
The cream is light, as in pretty liquid-y, but once it’s on you do feel like you’ve got a lot of coverage. Definitely a nighttime cream for me, but for those subjected to dry winters, this would be great for day. It feels very emulsifying, and your skin still feels super-hydrated by morning. The color is almost the shade of a foundation, but it glides on clear, with no residue left. Maybe it’s the color of the gold! I’m not in love with the smell; it has a slight citrus-floral scent, with an oily undertone. Maybe I got an old bottle, since it was a sample (the date on the bottom says 2010/05/14 which is definitely past expiration!). I feel like a lot of products have gimmicks for why they work against aging, but I like the fact that there is real science behind this one, so I’ll be sticking with it. At Sella for $119.


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