New York Fashion Week show-hopper must haves

New York Fashion Week officially kicks off today.  Below are a few things that every show-hopper should have to help them stay fresh and looking fabulous.

The ideal size for your purse, Davines MOMO Cream will help to keep your hair nourished and shiny. The leave-in treatment uses jojoba oil, walnut extract, and rice protein to provide moisture to parched hair and protects your hair from damaging elements such as sunlight and pollution. 
$21.50 at

“I love Fashion Week,” says Clark’s Botanicals founder Francesco Clark, “but the early hours added on top of your workday, and jumping from show to show can definitely make you look less than your best.  CB’s Anti-Puff Eye Cream is great for hiding dark circles or puffiness that you may start to see.  Some of my stylist friends put some on at night before bed, when they wake up in the morning, and keep some on hand for easy touch-ups. If using it at home, keep this in the refrigerator so the coolness of it will depuff even more.” 

“Managing NYFW can be tricky. There are many nighttime events, and early shows, and somehow, you need to squeeze your regular workday in there, all while looking decent. I've found that sticking to a regimen of not staying up too late, limiting your alcohol intake, and using the Clark’s Botanicals Intense Radiance Mask for 15 minutes before bed is the best way to power through,” says Francesco.  “You’ll wake up with glowing, radiant skin… no matter how exhausted you may be feeling.”  

Our feet are one of the most overworked parts of our body… especially during Fashion Week.  Not only are we running from show to show, but many of us are doing it in heels.  Employing MLE technology, Olive Oil, Eucalyptus, Grape Seed and Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Atopalm’s Moisturizing Foot & Heel Balmhelps to moisturize, smooth, and soften your tired feet. 


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