2012 holiday gift guide submissions

Yes, it is that time of year:  the annual Holiday Gift Guide.  I’m starting the submission process a little earlier this year to include everyone who would like to participate

…don’t miss your chance to have your products featured!
 Copy and paste the below text into this e-mail and make sure this is included for each product you are sending for review.  You may submit more than one submission, especially if you are a PR company and you work with several clients.
The gift guide will go live at the end of September and we’ll be adding to it regularly until December 15th! We’ll be heavily promoting this gift guide from launch until Christmas and mentioning any after Christmas sales as well.
To get started with including your product in the gift guide please fill out the form below.
There is no fee to participate in our gift guide.  Beginning this year I will be accepting $5.00 donations that will go toward sponsoring a women’s shelter for the holidays.  I thought this would be a great way to help a less fortunate family.

  • Product name and info
  • Product website
  • Brief product description
  • Price and link to purchase item
  • JPEG image

I’m looking for the following products to be featured this year:
  • Gifts for Women, such as gift cards, books, CD’s, DVD’s, jewelry, make-up, hair styling products, handmade and other items, electronic items, holiday decor, food, toiletries, organization supplies, candles, lotions, stationary and thank you cards, clothing, lingerie, resortwear and any unusual or creative items.
  • Gifts for Men, such as gift cards, golf, hunting, fishing, mancave, books, CD’s, DVD’s, electronic items, sporting equipment, cards and other games, collectibles, toiletries and shaving kits, food, clothing, coats, hats, gloves, scarves, blankets, etc.
  • Gifts for Home/ Garden such as home decor, gardening, wall decor, wall decals, framed art, photograhic art, wrought iron items, floral arrangements, kitchen appliances and gadgets, cookware
  • Gifts for Children ages 6-12, such as G rated DVD’s, Barbie’s, clothing and accessories, dolls, art supply kits, handheld or board games, jewelry, CD’s, trucks, Lego’s, action figures, balls, board games, Star Wars items, craft kits, hair accessories and Bionicles.
  • Gifts for Teens, such as books, PG 13 DVD’s, CD’s, iTunes or other gift cards, board games, MP3 players, headphones, hats, sporting equipment, scrapbook supplies, card games, jewelry, nail polish, makeup, video games, lotions, Nintendo DS games, Wii games, sportswear and digital cameras.
  • Gifts for pets such as toys, beds, treats, food, etc.

I am looking for sponsors for the 2012 Holiday Gift Guide
If you would like to become a sponsor by advertising or donating an item for a giveaway please contact me atmissyvarner@gmail.com My gift guide will be heavily promoted through various social media and networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. For $50, you will be entitled to the following:
125×125 Banner Ad on my sidebar Nov. 1-Dec. 31
Multiple Social Media Blasts promoting your company Nov. 1-Dec 31
Featured post promoting your business and products

Thank you for your time,



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