Get acne under control with these innovative products

As a teen you freaked out looking in the mirror at your zits. (Did one really pop up right before prom?) In your 20’s they still stuck around and concealer was your best friend. When you and your girlfriends got pregnant, each had a horror story about their skin gone haywire. And, with the fluctuating hormones of perimenopause and menopause, women can again expect acne to mar their complexions.

Women can battle acne at any point in their lives. But you can battle back—and achieve clear skin. “There’s been an increase in the number of grown women coming in who suffer from adult acne,” says Dr. Julie Karen, M.D., a board certified dermatologist at the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York. “It’s important for each to realize that this is not a problem they have to deal with.”

What causes acne? “Acne is multifactorial. The usual factors include increased oil production that leads to clogged pores, bacterial overgrowth, inflammation, and hormonal imbalance,” explains Dr. Karen.

The key: Prevent acne with an effective daily regimen.

Consider these solutions:

Beyond Clear™ with Clarifoam Technology clears breakouts twice as fast as the leading acne regimen, without the irritation, while effectively preventing future acne and improving skin’s health, boosting hydration, repairing the skin’s natural moisture barrier, and refines skin texture and evens tone. Beyond Clear is formulated with proven effective levels of benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and niacinamide. The 3-Step Skin Clearing System includes the Pure Purifying Cleanser, Clear Clarifying Treatment, and Healthy Skin Accelerator. Available June 2012 for $29.95 per month;

ZO Skin Health Acne Prevention Kit includes 4-step regimen to remove impurities and slough off pore-clogging dead skin cells with Offects® Exfoliating Cleanser; boost glow and smooth skin while providing and infusion of skin-protecting antioxidants A, C, and E in Offects® Exfoliating Polish; reduce oiliness and prevent breakouts with the 2% salicylic acid in Offects® TE-Pads Acne Pore Treatment; and tone down irritation and inflammation and boost skin’s healing properties with the Bio-Sulfur Masque. The kit retails for $125;

Skin flaring up? “Avoid exposure to greasy, pore-clogging sunscreens, moisturizers, or makeup, and use treatments that contain salicylic acid, which will help dry out actively inflamed lesions and accelerate healing,” advises Dr. Karen.

Consider this solution and try:

Lumixyl Skin Clarifying Acne Treatment Pads, an alcohol-free formulation with 2% salicylic acid and witch hazel. These pads, designed with a special weave that exfoliates skin, are also pumped up with aloe and menthol to soothe and calm irritation.$25;


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