Exclusive: RICA bath and body introduce two new products this summer

 The skincare personal chefs at RICA bath & body are ready to reveal their latest offerings of comfort food for the skin this summer, having perfected the recipes for two new products.

For the first time, the Brooklyn-based bath and body company is expanding its current fragrance collection to include a men’s scent – Bourbon Cavendish Body Tonic– a warm woodsy blend of leather and tobacco with notes of patchouli, cedar and Lavandin. Like the current offerings in its Body Tonic collection, Bourbon Cavendish was artisanally blended drop by drop until the marinating top, middle and bottom notes were blended just so, to create a subtle, yet masculine, scent that is clean, fresh and inviting.

“Bourbon cavendish was inspired by the smell of my grandfather who after a long day of working on the farm smelled like a blend of tobacco, leather and fresh herbs,” says company founder Kristina Ivy. “It was created with notes of patchouli, leather, tobacco and Lavandin In honor of his loving memory.”

In addition to its new men’s fragrance, RICA will also introduce the first product from its RICA Face collection –Fennel + Rose Hip Face Serum. This serum is truly a superfood for your face- a quick absorbing night treatment created from oils high in vitamin C and E, omega 3 and beta carotene infused with fennel and calendula to slow the formation of wrinkles and aid cellular repair. Its ingredients include: grape seed oil, olive oil, rose hip seed oil, walnut oil, jojoba oil, rice bran oil, evening primrose oil, apricot kernel oil, pumpkin seed oil, chamomile extract, vitamin E, grapefruit essential oil and bourbon geranium essential oil.

“My grandmother, who is 102 years old, uses a blend of these oils on her face at night to prevent wrinkles,” Ivy says. “She’s been doing this every night since I can remember, and she looks like she’s in her eighties.”

RICA bath & body uses nature’s most decadent ingredients to hand make fresh, made-to-order bath and body products from Southern family beauty recipes perfected over three generations.

“I like to stay true to the time honored tradition in my family of old fashioned simplicity when it comes to anti aging,” says Kristina Ivy. “My approach to skincare is effective simplicity. I choose ingredients that are natural, simple and effective.”

Both Bourbon Cavendish Body Tonic and Fennel + Rose Hip Face Serum will be available for sale beginning in August 2012.

Bourbon Cavendish Body Tonic and Fennel 2 fl. oz. $40 
Rose Hip Face Serum 2 fl. oz. price available upon request

RICA Bath & Body is available online at www.ricabody.com. For a complete list of stores, please visit:http://www.ricabody.com/store-locator.php


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