Say hello to Beyond Clear, a new Breakthrough skin clearing system

Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About Acne Products

  Beyond Clear™ is a NEW kind of Skin Clearing System, from the #1 dermatologist prescribed BPO brand, that does the complete opposite of what you’ve come to expect from acne products. 

Beyond Clear™ with Clarifoam Technology™ clears breakouts twice as fast as the leading acne regimen – without the irritation – while effectively preventing future acne for continuously clear skin.

And, Beyond Clear also improves skin tone and texture in ways you would never expect from traditional acne products.  It:
  • Increases skin hydration
  • Balances, repairs and strengthens the skin’s natural moisture barrier
  • Smoothes and refines skin texture, while evening skin tone

The benefits truly go beyond clear skin. 

Beyond Clear’s secret is our patent-pending Clarifoam Technology Foam Delivery System which:
  • Enables the first successful combination of higher, more effective levels of BPO, Retinol, Salicylic Acid and Niacinamide, suitable for all skin types
  • Eliminates the irritation of Benzoyl Peroxide by encapsulating it in an emollient foam
  • Repairs and strengthens the skin’s natural moisture barrier

So What?
You’ll see results that are unlike anything you have ever seen from an acne system.  Beyond Clear™ gets your skin clearer faster, without the usual trade-offs of redness, flaking, and dryness – all while improving skin tone and texture.  Beyond Clear delivers unprecedented results—clearer, softer, smoother, more beautiful looking skin. 

Beyond Clear’s™ 3-step Skin Clearing System consists of:

Step 1. Pure Purifying Cleanser: A light, clarifying cleanser that clears and prevents breakouts.  It’s formulated with salicylic acid to unclog pores and regulate cell turnover, and glycerin to strengthen skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Step 2. Clear Clarifying Treatment: Ourpatent-pending Clarifoam Technology™ Foam Delivery System has a higher level of Benzoyl Peroxide (4.25%) to more effectively eliminate the bacteria that cause acne.  The emollient foam encapsulation eliminates the irritation commonly associated with Benzoyl Peroxide, while it calms skin and strengthens the moisture barrier with soothing natural ingredients like aloe, comfrey, and chamomile.

Step 3. Healthy Skin Accelerator: This antioxidant and nutrient-rich serum  repairs and strengthens skin, reduces pore size, evens skin tone and reveals a more refined complexion. Retinol and Niacinamide are multi-tasking ingredients that address acne while improving skin tone and texture.  Our unique blend of fruit seed extracts provides powerful antioxidant protection and nutrients to support healthier skin.

The Beyond Clear system also includes 2 Free Gifts with every order: Boost 5-day Quick Start Treatment, aka “The Quickie”, and Fast Spot Clearing Accelerator.

Beyond Clear™ will be available June 1, 2012 for $29.95 per month (a 60-day supply is $59.90) plus s&h. Find it at or call 1-800-220-9910.

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