Rene Furterer New Okara Active Light regimen

Luxurious 3-step regimen to repair, nourish and enhance luminosity in highlighted/bleached hair

Whether you’re a do-it-yourself blonde, or you leave your precious color in the hands of an expert, the challenge is keeping your lightened locks healthy and looking fresh. Hair color chemicals can rough up the cuticle, leaving hair weak and brittle, while the combination of water and detergent shampoos as well as exposure to the elements—especially sunlight—results in fading. For the ultimate in repair and maintenance of delicate blonde hair, RenĂ© Furterer continues to tap into the power of nature to introduce the NEW OKARA ACTIVE LIGHT range with a trio of nourishing and replenishing products: OKARA light activating shampoo (6.8 oz, $28); OKARA light activating conditioner (5.1 oz, $30); OKARA light activating leave-in fluid (3.4 oz, $26).

Selected for its strong affinity with the hair structure, Okara extract is rich in cysteine and methionine, the amino acids essential to keratin synthesis. Infused with natural Acacia Honey extract, the new line nourishes and protects against fading with antioxidant benefits.

The shining proof: After two weeks of regular use of OKARA light activating shampoo, conditioner and leave-in fluid,more than 85% of women reported repaired and nourished hair, along with revived luminosity. For more on why highlighted and bleached hair needs extra TLC, listen to what celebrity hairstylist Frank Barbosa has to say.

“Going blonde isn't easy,” says Frank, who is also co-owner of Frank Antonio Hair & Makeup in Newport, RI. “It’s an investment of both your time and money, so I say protect your investment at all costs! Chemicals that lighten hair remove color and leave your tresses fragile, more porous and prone to breakage. By using products specifically formulated for lightened hair, you’re adding essential strength and nutrients. This extra care will bring your hair up to a level where it can be toned and colored to the perfect shade of blonde to complement your skin tone and your lifestyle.” To keep blonde tresses looking luscious all summer long, Frank offers these three tips:

1)    Most importantly, protect your color by using a shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for blonde tresses. My faves are the new OKARA light activating products from RenĂ© Furterer.

2)    Sun streaks may be natural, but UV rays are rough on your hair and will undo all of your stylist’s hard work.  Color-protective, leave-in formulas with UV filters fight fading, and can be worked through towel-dried hair right after shampooing or applied to dry hair before going outdoors.

3)    For extra sun-proofing insurance, protect yourself in style! Shop for a shady hat or scarf so that your hair won’t suffer while you’re having fun in the sun.

The NEW OKARA ACTIVE LIGHT range will be available in June 2012 on and fine salons nationwide. To find a location near you call 1-800-522-8285 or go to


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