Introducing Ambe skin care line

Ambe Skin Care Line - Introducing the Ambe Private Client Formulas
Using a scientific method, Dr. Milind Ambe and his skin care team has worked tirelessly to create a comprehensive multidisciplinary skin care system. Ambe skin care line products are engineered to correct the multiple factors that contribute to the appearance of aged skin: wrinkles and fine lines, dullness, pore size, creping, skin tone, dehydration, uneven pigmentation, age spots and rough texture. With continued use of the APCF system, it improves the appearance of each one of these factors. 
The Ambe skin care line, Ambe Private Client Formula System, is NOT in any way similar to over the counter products currently available.  One can view our products as close to medical grade as possible without a prescription.  We believe that this progressive engineering sets the new standard for skin care in the industry.  As you embark upon this exciting new journey, you will see and experience changes in your skin very quickly.  The efficacy of the line is one of the most exciting aspects of this revolutionary system. Our skin care line is nutrition based as opposed to the traditional alcohol- based products which can strip your skin.  After you adjust to the APCF system, you will wonder why you ever used anything else.  


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