BlowLux by BE Beverly Hills

BLOWLUX is the Original Eco-Luxury Beauty Bar ( Blowouts, Makeup, and Nail ), all products used are Eco-friendly and luxury. It is the ultimate beauty bar and every girls' beauty dream come true. BLOWLUX Hair Care Line and Beauty Bar are establishing themselves as the Victoria Secret of Beauty Bar Scene. 

Its design creates a get-a-away for women  to escape their daily lives and pressures to treat themselves to a convenient yet luxurious beauty break. BLOWLUX's gorgeous aesthetic and amazing service allows every woman, from young professional to a working mom, to walk out feeling as if they were on the cover of a magazine. Two other differentiating factors are that it is uses only Eco-friendly and Cruelty-free products, their own hair care line, Butter Nail Polish, and Organic and Cruelty-free Makeup. With Earth Day around the corner in April its often hard to find Beauty's Best and Environment's best coming together in such a harmonious fashion! (I thought this could be a cute piece for Trends not just Blow Dry Bars but ("One Stop Beauty Shops")! Let me know what you think I have attached photos (I wish you lived closer so you could come)! Rachel Bilson, Kate Bosworth, Audrina Patridge, and Cindy Crawford are just a few of their celebrity cliental. Its luxurious but also does not break your bank (I have attached their menu)!

BLOWUX Shine & Repair Serum by BE Beverly Hills: (Use for the website to buy it but you can use for more information on the Serum)
Nothing makes a woman feel better about herself than health lustrous, shiny, voluminous hair and BE Beverly Hills Daily Shine & Repair Serum gives women just this! BE Beverly Hills is the original Eco-Luxury Brand and the BLOWLUX Shine & Repair Serum combines the power of Jojoba and Argan Oil with other rejuvenating all-natural ingredients to renew, rehydrate, repair, and protect the hair anywhere. It stands out from other hair serums on the market by utilizing the power of Jojoba Oil, which unlike other oils ,such as Morroccan Oil, is non-greasy and colorless allowing your hair to maintain that healthy shine without the "weighing down". Frankie Payne, celebrity hairstylist swears by it as has said, "It helped me with blowout process bad kept the hair really silky and shiny. Made it a lot easier to blow-dry". Some celebrities that love BLOWLUX Shine & Repair Serum are Holly Robinson Peete, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Eva Mendes, and Nicole Scherzinger to name a few. (All have gorgeous Hair)
BLOWLUX Intense Masque by BE Beverly Hills : Mask your bad hair days with BLOWLUX Intense Masque by the Original Eco-Luxury Hair Care line BE Beverly Hills. This innovative unparalleled formula gives women sleek, shiny, soft touchable hair without frizz or flyways. Its unique formula nourishes and hydrates dull, damaged hair from the inside and protects against breakage. An anti-aging complex infiltrates the hair shaft and rebuilds the internal structure to restore elasticity, giving you smooth, shiny, strong hair after only one use. Bye-bye split ends!Most hair masques’ formulas are too oily and are not easy to wash out. What differentiates BLOWLUX Intense Masque is that their masque is lightweight, does not weight down hair, and is not slick or greasy. It is comprised of a sulfate and paraben free formula that includes natural ingredients, silk amino acids, wheat protein and premium organic argan oil – all work cohesively to restore hair’s youth, creating beautiful hair everyday.


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