SparkleHearts offers a 100% natural bath and body products for girls

Hilary Orr and Darcy McMahon, founders of Sparklehearts, a line of 100% all-natural bath and body products for girls, are excited to announce the launch of “Yummy” and pHresh, a brand extension of Sparklehearts,

Yummy, an addition to the existing Sparklehearts line, is a 100% all-natural deodorant for girls.  The playful and colorful packaging along with the sweet smelling aroma and edible seeming scents give the impression of tastefulness without the harmful chemicals (parabens, aluminum, or glycols) that can be found in traditional deodorants.  Which aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer's disease, with higher frequencies of deodorant use corresponding to higher risks of developing Alzheimer's.  In addition, there is speculation that there is an association between deodorant containing parabens and breast cancer.    

pHresh, a Sparklehearts brand extension, is a line of 100% all-natural deodorants for girls of all ages.  pHresh will be available in Barely Sweet, Crème Brulee, Sugar Mint, and Tropical Blossom.  For those who may experience sensitivity to scents, pHresh will also include a scent-free addition as well appropriately named pHree.  Manufactured with the same principles as “Yummy” (and the entire Sparklehearts line of bath and body products), pHresh will be chemical-free made using no aluminum, no glycols or parabens. 


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