Bink'd Temporary tattoo Earrings for kids

Bink’d is our latest mom-invented product at the boutique and truly the first of its kind- temporary earrings that do not require magnets, stickers, or glue! Plus, they are more than just “ear fun” as they can be used on nails, baby dolls, race cars and more!

Bink’d Temporary Tattoo Earring Designs are unique because they are made in the USA with only kid safe, FDA-approved, vegetable-based inks with collections specifically created and designed to be worn as earrings. The designs are made to fit perfectly on the ear and bink’d has collections for boys and girls.

Use as traditional earrings, double, triple piercings or positioned up along the side of the ear. Bink’d has no small parts to choke on and as bink’d says, no holes=more fun because kids (and parents) don’t have to deal with the pain associated with piercing and the risk of infection and/or tearing!

Even the packaging is fun. Sold in unique, durable plastic, jar like containers they stack easily so you can collect them all. Each container comes with a strip of 12 designs or 6 pair and a large cotton ball for your first application. Get bink’d! Not forever. Just for now.


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