Valentine's Dreamers Beware: Five men wanted for being "that guy"

 This Valentine’s Day, the newly released “Dictionary of Men” has added some additional suspects to its “Most Wanted” list with a warning out to daters that certain mates may do more harm than good.

If you already have a Valentine lined up, or if you are still on the prowl at bars, nightclubs, online or via blind dates, beware of five men who are wanted for various dating faux-pas. “Dictionary of Men” asks that you do not try to accept flowers or chocolates from any of these suspects. Diamonds should only be considered after recipients have thoroughly versed themselves with the definition and true story associated with the gift giver. Be on the lookout for:
  • Douchebag Dave: Wanted for texting his date from her driveway to announce his arrival. Last seen driving a baby blue Audi TT convertible around the Marina district of San Francisco.
  • High-Maintenance Hayden: Wanted for monitoring his girlfriend’s calorie intake during dinner. Last seen at the Carlyle Hotel in NYC yelling at a waiter over a spilled glass of red wine.
  • Leo the Labrador Lover: Wanted for paying more attention to his chocolate lab than his girlfriend. Last seen hiking in Boulder. Never seen without his dog Shadow.
  • Marco the Mama’s Boy: Wanted for having his mama serve the divorce papers and still cook for him. Last seen sitting in his Mama’s lap getting spoon-fed Bolognese sauce.
  • Shane the Southern Baptist: Wanted for using God as an excuse to break up with his girlfriend. Last seen living the life of “do what feels good now, ask for forgiveness later,” somewhere in Little Rock.
Full sketches/illustrations of the suspects can be found here. If you recognize, know, or have recently dated any of these men, please report your tips to Twitter @DictionaryofMen #datedhim.
More detailed suspect profiles can be found in the “Dictionary of Men,” – a book that pinpoints 365 male types based on hometown, alma mater, profession, car, shoes, hygiene, social skills, favorite food, cocktail of choice, among other intimate characteristics. Women from around the globe contributed to the definitions and dating stories found in book.

Maria Blanco – a Bostonian, purse dog owner, self-manicurer, retired TV reporter, straight shooter, boy shorts wearer, youngest child – graduated from Smith College, studied at Oxford University and earned her master’s from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, where she met her co-author. She’s a believer that love comes with no judgment and no conditions. Co-author Jane Black – a Jerseyite, highlight queen, botox experimenter, no drama mama, party thrower, push-up bra buyer, only child – graduated from Boston College and also received her master’s in journalism from Northwestern University.

MASH Media is a women-owned publishing and multi-media company. Through investigative research and extensive interviews MASH MEDIA has created the Dictionary of Men™and Dictionary of Women™ series of books and product line for an entertaining analysis of the sexes in modern day.
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Link to sketches of men/suspects in release:
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